Monday, December 24, 2018

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2018.12.23....NOT

State-Sponsored Child Trafficking Tragedies from 90s to Present

Really Kyle? On Christmas eve? 

Seriously. Can we take a five minute break from the disgusting shit that they do?


froz said...

No brake for Christmas. Hoe Hoe Hoe. Vrrrrrr!

. said...

Kyle is a family man and obviously deeply disgusted and disturbed by the present state of affairs, so he might not be in holiday mood.

Alan said...

It's hard to enjoy holidays in a state of anti-ignorance.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

My Christmas was so Dreamy until I came on here and it was destroyed by that Kyle Hunt! Why does he have to give a crap about them Stupid kids anyway.. I am out of here,, Back to the Kosher Kiddy Porn Christmas marathon for me! Thanks Mr HUNT! (RESPECT)