January 29, 2019

Nancy Grace Learns On Air That Families Cannot Sue Pharma For Vaccine Injury or Death...

When it comes to vaccine side effects and injuries, suing pharmaceutical companies is simply off the table. The government’s version of “vaccine court,” instead, handles those cases.

For many people, learning this information for the first time can be a bit shocking, to say the least. And that’s exactly what happened to then HLN host, Nancy Grace, back in 2014.

Grace is a lawyer, but it seems the news still came as a surprise to her during her interview with  Rebecca Estepp.
Watch for yourself. 

Link to Vaxxter:  https://vaxxter.com/the-moment-nancy-grace-learns-pharma-cant-be-sued-over-vaccine-injuries/?fbclid=IwAR1obUG3M9mntMlVvrypReC2qE-3Fe6E_WvUYvvKeOFksIdPSnMktCg2itA

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Patricia said...

I'm so sure this is just a coincidence!