January 06, 2019

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2019.01.06

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

Today: Guests, Ole Dammegard and some "targeted" lady. Sounds like they used a phone for the interview so it ain't sounding great. Sounds worst than 4 track cassette tapes from the 80s. P.S. Wow! He only mentions at the end of the show that it is taken from a video interview he made @ 153news.net under the raw deal. Yeah. After publishing nearly 20 post in a few hours, I really feel like hunting down those videos and ripping them for better quality audio. LOL

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Panzerfaust said...

This is pretty disturbing, although not surprising.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Ah yes the wonderful DrKH from Oxford. Mad as a bag of Cokefueledspanners. Apparently she's got chips in her tits. Mind you she does fill in a lot of clues so I reckon she's a catchup merchagent. She hung out with the slothbitches at currybintel's shop before a dramatic, BWAHAHAAAAA, bustup in the late summer. The gassing hasn't stopped since. Typical close bags.