February 04, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.02.04

Brizer's guests: Ann Blake-Tracy with Patricia Aiken

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Anonymous said...

I was about to upload the show to my channel until Ann Blake-Tracey started talking about "evil Nazis" and operation Paperclip. Obviously she don't know the truth about WW2 and Adolf Hitler.... and then you can also come to the conclusion that she don't know who Big Pharma is runned by, which is the Jews. You should teach your guests before they join a show.
I knew about Ann Blake-Tracey's work for years and I taught a lot of people of her work.

Anonymous said...

I would advise you not to promote the Jewish Vegan Agenda, and go watch all the Ex-vegan stories on the Youtube channel: sv3rige
BUT the guy who has the channel is unfortunately a lunatic promoting incest, cannibalism and other shit, so just listen to all the ex-vegans stories and not him. It's very interesting and mind blowing.

zapoper said...

Have you ever seen anyone promoting dumbass veganism here? She mentioned it once on the show because she said that the effects of anti depressants are accentuated when combined with fat molecules.

Tim said...

glad i missed the show

Anonymous said...

I meant the guests were talking positive about it, Zapoper. Maybe I misunderstood something then. Anyway, UN are promoting veganism and in my country I see they are replacing our meat with their unhealthy products in the supermarkets. Antifa are also promoting the shit. You will understand how dangerous the Vegan Agenda is when you have listened to all the ex-vegans I mention above.

Anonymous said...

Tim, don't be glad.... They also talked about a look of good and important stuff.

WasDuped said...

Good show guys. I've watched my family members buy this horse shit and suffer for it. I'm a puritan, I only smoke Marlboro and drink organic coffee.

Panzerfaust said...
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Joyster said...

I saw Dr Tracey speak in Toronto about 17 years ago.
She was great.
She had her little dog with her.
I have her book.
It amazes me that, in spite of all of her work, people still don't know what is going on.
Terrible beyond belief