February 19, 2019

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2019.02.19

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

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John Miller said...

Certainly no collusion here, Mr. Fetzer, because both Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin have extremely close relationships with the Chabad Lubavitchers.........THAT is very well known

Panzerfaust said...

James Fetzer and his crew of JFK disinfo retards BTFO


Amazing what happens when the evidence is put in front of people not previously corrupted.


Unknown said...

Its pretty ridiculous to assume Jackie, who sat next to him, basically shot him in the head without aiming, in front of the crowd.

No fan of Fetzer or Jackie, who married a jew later, but if you want to kill the president, you will definitely not have only one shooter. Fetzer's working thesis of multiple shooters is plausible.

KnownUnknown said...

And like 9/11 I could give a fuck who pulled the trigger or pushed the button, I want to know who put them up to it and who covered it up

Panzerfaust said...

Does anybody have contact info for Charles Guiliani?

Bill Aust said...

The caller seemed off target at least on how North Koreo could be against China, China is their protector and ally. The guest thought he was a bit off target.