March 04, 2019

In Response To Cries For My SURGICAL REMOVAL From Movement Circles

This video is an experiment. I still need to improve my audio editing skills – noticeable in the rather irregular quality of the sound. Probably not a good idea to prepare for two-track recording (vocals / guitar) when most of the video is just me talking. Anyway, I did what I could and hopefully will be better next time.

As promised, references to various items cited can be found here:


Og said...

Poor Alison, I remember back in 2015 I warned about interacting with certain folks on twitter

3 years of misery for it

Red Orchid said...

Was it members of the White Nationalists who didn't hesitate to support the official story of Lee Rigby. I listened to a podcast on Mami's when it happened. Most are probably not Jew wise but instead are Islamophobic.

Alison I liked your song and I'm sure Jez Turner did also.

Al-lat said...

I bless you!

You are a Warrior, and my Hero!