Monday, April 29, 2019

Let's be real


Nothing we can say or do
will enable us to live forever

 Priests are not to be reasoned with, they are to be locked up. — Nietszche

Lying is as old as humanity itself. We all tell ourselves the biggest lie of all, but most don’t remember it until our final moments close in.

So much military mayhem over the centuries has been blamed on religious differences, but wars are always about material gain and blaming creeds for them is simply a clever way of covering up crimes being committed under the rubric of some pretentiously noble but invariably criminal rationalization.

Two of America’s longest wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, provide us perfect examples of this — Iraq for its oil and Afghanistan for its drugs, the two main commodities that keep the Deep State in power.

How is it that government can lie to us repeatedly? Well, they learned it from religion, which pretends to believe all these amazing tales that wind up concealing a hidden bottom line that seems to be that priests can’t keep their dirty hands off the kids, and that’s where secrets come from, both in church and in government, across time.

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Red Orchid said...

Wouldn't be great if John believed in the creator? Maybe he does, just not so keen on religion.

Religion... I over that!