April 23, 2019

Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome

A complete version of this essay essay appears in the 2019 edition
of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (pages 27-114).

For those looking for a general overview, what follows is a redaction of an 80-page essay down to about 18 pages, edited without comment or changes by John Kaminski 4/21/2019.

(courtesy of Giuseppi Fallisi)


Christianity, as a slave rebellion devised and led by Jews with the aim of destroying Roman power — and, ultimately, all European power — was and is a doctrine aimed at converting vigorous peoples into a domesticated flock of sheep.


by Evropa Soberana

This is precisely why the Jews are the most disastrous people in world history: they have left such a falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.
                                                                                                   — Nietzsche

We will also see the impossibility, in the long term, of the coexistence between two radically different cultures, in this case, the Greco-Roman and the Jewish.

For now, the Romans will meet a people who take the tradition with the same seriousness as them, but replacing that Olympic, artistic, athletic and aristocratic touch with a spark of fanaticism and dogmatism, and changing the Roman patriotism for a kind of pact sealed behind the backs of the rest of humanity.


Max Smart said...

This easy to spot crypto Jew has a relentless and historical hatred for all things Christianity, bringing into question why he ever parted ways with Renegade network, renowned for its anti-Christian rhetoric and intolerance of Christians.

And yet Kaminski's solution to this obvious hatred, and self-hatred, is to dispense ever increasing amounts of poisonous black pills to those, in a world gone completely mad, seeking some degree of assurance and comfort. A world which has forsaken its traditions, morality and culture for materialism and Jewish pop culture.

As E Michael Jones has repeatedly said, any nation that does away with God's laws will be ruled by Jews.

The old crypto Jew clearly received his wish.

KnownUnknown said...

Charlie G is on fire today!

Amanda said...

Unknown- Where is Charlie doing his show? Haven't heard him in forever. thanks

KnownUnknown said...

Back on Renegade - just doing one show a week on Mondays.

Red Orchid said...

All this deception perpetrated by the Jew... for what? Their actions are not becoming of a chosen people of God, not then and not now. So why all the deception, they know for they are mortal. Who and what are they fighting against?

They are the crash-test-dummies, buyer beware! Travel with them at your peril!

I read Kaminski's edited article and I've been rewarded with something original.

"crash-test-dummy" is a very appropriate description of the Jew, they are up to speed and out of control. Thanks John.

It also helps to be primed by David James.