April 10, 2019

What Causes an Abdominal Hernia

Wow... i'll wager no one out here knows this... i never would have guessed...


Voltman said...

All I do is grunt and groan, hurts me to walk anywhere
Went to see my physician, Dr. Alex Jones
He took my trousers off, told me to cough
Doctor says there ain't nothin' to discuss
He tells me any day, I might have to wear a truss

Living with a hernia, all the time, such aggravation
Living with a hernia, gonna be my ruination
Living with a hernia, got to have an operation
Feel so old

Too much bad pain, good gawd, drives me insane
Can't run, barely crawl, got a bulge in my intestinal wall
Walk real funny, bless my soul, can't play tennis
And it's hard to bowl
You can't even do the splits now, say it
Better call it quits now, now I'm sick of all this dancin' anyhow

Living with a hernia, hurts me bad in a tender location
Living with a hernia, had enough humiliation
Living with a hernia, got to have an operation

I live with a hernia, can't get up, can't bend over
Now I live with a hernia, wait a minute

You may not be familiar with the common types
Of hernias that you could get
So just settle down, let me clue you in there's incomplete
Epigastric, bladder, strangulated, lumbar hernia, richter's hernia
Obstructed, inguinal and direct

Living with a hernia rupture
I said it's causin' me such irritation
Living with a hernia, have to have my medication
Living with a hernia, I feel bad

Songwriters: DAN HARTMAN / CHARLIE MIDNIGHT / Alfred Matthew Yankovic
Living With a Hernia lyrics © Emi Music Publishing France

Weird Al" Yankovic - Living With A Hernia

Voltman said...
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Bill Aust said...

I bet you didn't know. Since about 2000, they have had a vaccine for chicken pox. Most people over 40 have had chicken pox, so they are resistant. Now younger people are resistant because they are usually vaccinated. As we age both resistances reduce. The natural resistance will often get shingles unless they are vaccinated against shingles, which was about effective about half the time, which is better now. Some chicken pox vaccinated kids will get chicken pox when older (maybe can get a booster?) when their vaccine becomes less effective. Shingles is chicken pox reactivated, evidently it stays in your body, usually near your spine. Shingles can be contagious when the liquid is present. The bastards.

Bill Aust said...

Did you know this (as far as I can work this out) The green is chlorophill for photosynthesis. Water and CO2 with light make sugar and other. Patrick Moore says air needs more CO2, not less. Man is the only animal putting it back, less volcanos and shellfish& bones becoming limestone etc, have sequestered CO2. Anyhow I looked up chlorophill, it is not made by the plant. It coexists inside the plant, probably is an evolved bacteria, like some that still exist outside plants, and still make oxygen too. The chlorophill is in the bacteria-like cells that are inherited,not made by the plant. The "green" movement is usually against CO2, ironically they are against what the green chlorophill is for!

Bill Aust said...

CO2 used with chlorophill which is the green in plants etc, so why do the greens not like CO2?

Bill Aust said...


Bill Aust said...
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Voltman said...
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Bill Aust said...

CO2 + water+ light > sugar + oxygen

Voltman said...

"why do the greens not like CO2? "

The ignorance is indoctrinated by this extremely evil system. Radioactive isotopes are spreading like the plague. Add Chemtrails and microwaves and you have the mass murder of the whole biosphere. They'll be cutting down more trees to facilitate 5G coverage. Yet they get the young and the restless all worked up about nothing burgers like carbon and CO2!!?

The parents are too wrapped up in the ball games and soap operas (including political bullshit) to tell these mother fucking assholes in government to shove their god damn fake science and fake everything else up their stinking arses. People are incredibly tolerant of evil.

Society is crumbling under the weight of its stupidity and its acceptance thereof.

Why do parents send their kids to school? To get them out of the house.
Why do parents like to see their kids go to University? Money and prestige.
How many parents question what is being taught to these kids?

Everybody is concerned with money. Yet the subject of how money is managed and by whom is not studied in earnest.

The addiction to cashisch inevitably leads to Hemorrhagic Stupiditas.

Voltman's Theorem