May 03, 2019

Florida goes totalitarian

Jew-friendly law axes
free speech for students

As an outcry over Florida’s new censorship law sweeps across the nation, the state’s students prepare for the dilemma of facing racism charges if they say anything negative about Jews or Israel.

The bill passed by the Florida Senate this week mandates students adhere to the severe restrictions on their conversation that Gov. Ron DeSantis plans to take to Israel and sign there on his upcoming visit.

This is a U.S. governor signing a bill in a a foreign country that destroys the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which has been, for 243 years, the very bedrock of American freedom. And the purpose for which we have defended our country.

But it’s not our country any more, is it?


The_Mad_Subtitler said...

Sure.... do this shit in my state first... just f'ing great.

Erik Paul said...

T_M_S You'll feel better after a trip to the Publix Liquor store. I hear Everclear is BOGO this week.