May 02, 2019

Godcast Jewish Racial Supremacy: Israeli Rabbi Says Jews Born to Rule Over Goy

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Voltman said...

Great video!!

The Goyim Know

anarchyst says:
October 6, 2018 at 12:39 pm GMT

Why should the Palestinians relocate? They have been forced off their land by the sixth-century ashkenazic converts to talmudism who have no business in the middle east.

Frankie P says:
October 6, 2018 at 10:41 pm GMT • 300 Words

I’m getting tired of left-leaning handwringers debating about how the west, in all its benevolent wisdom, will solve the I/P conflict and somehow force Israel, whose supporters pull all the levers in western governments, to agree to a two-state solution. It’s like a cat chasing its own tail endlessly.

I prefer to focus on and lend my verbal support to those groups who will enfranchise the Palestinians and remove the Israeli boot the only way possible: force. I’ve got news for you folks whinging about the US Liberty and waiting for the great made again America to give the Jews their well-deserved come-uppance: it ain’t gonna happen! What is happening and what is going to happen is that the growing resistance to Israel/US policy in the Middle East will reach fruition and make a significant change, even to the point where Hezbollah troops will enter the Levant. Demographic, military and economic trends will continue, and Israel will find itself in a precarious position. I’m talking about Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, with some Iraqi Shiite militias thrown in for good measure. Have you noticed that Israel hasn’t bombed Lebanon since 2006? Have you wondered why? Hezbollah has not just been busy in Syria. They have not stopped stockpiling guided missiles that can reach any part of Israel. Did you notice that in 2017 after Nasrallah mentioned the Israeli ammonia tank in Haifa harbor and that it would be targeted in the event of any Israeli attack on Lebanon, the tank was closed? You didn’t hear, did you? It seems that Hezbollah can now make decisions about the location of sensitive Israeli infrastructure.

You do remember that in 2006 Hezbollah with 2,000 odd men in the south sent the IDF reservists packing, destroying 25% of their tank forces. Imagine those same Hezbollah forces, larger and reinforced, trained and experienced and armed with modern weapons from their time in Syria. It’s a nightmare for the Israelis.

the grand wazoo says:
October 6, 2018 at 11:07 pm GMT • 100 Words

Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is genocide 2.0.

Taken directly from the European plan for the genocide of the N. American indigenous peoples. The only difference is in the tools used. Rather than the repeating rifle the jews use SA rockets and cluster bombs, rather than scalping they use white phosphorus, and in place of the Gatlin gun the jews use m60s, and imported Barrett 50 cal. sniper rifles … albeit, from a safe distance. In place of infected blankets the jews flood Gaza with human waste water. oh well, it’s progress. Right? nothing but the best for our semitic friends.

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anarchyst says:
October 7, 2018 at 12:26 am GMT • 100 Words

I see the IDF Unit 8200 and hasbara trolls are out in force. For one, “God” is not a real estate agent…

Most jews are NOT middle eastern but are ashkenazics from Russia. They have no claim to the land. The Palestinians were there before these foreign interlopers. If any other group treated people the way Palestinians are treated, there would be a massive outcry. Since “big brother” United States of America provides Israel’s security and shekels, there are few that will
challenge the “status quo”…

Everyone Washes Their Hands as Gaza’s Economy Goes Into Freefall
Jonathan Cook • October 1, 2018

They know... Circus Maximus
Published on Jul 14, 2017

WWS said...

Equating Jews with
NSDAP Germany
is BS.

Og said...

how so?

Voltman said...

The zews who run France allow Charlie Hebdo to make jokes about Christians and Muslims but not about zews.

What else is new?!

They just condemned a french intellectual and critic of zewish power, Alain Soral, to a year in jail plus a fine. By their abuse of power, they are proving that the critics of zewish power are absolutely right. What else
is new?!

Alain Soral comments his latest sentence : one year of imprisonment.
Alain Soral in jail?!

What else is new?!
When you live in a zew.

Voltman said...

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Voltman said...

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WWS said...

For all of its mistakes,
show where NSDAP Germany
was a Crime Syndicate Cult.

Og said...

@WWS not my words