May 13, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.05.06

Brizer's guests: Ognir and John Kaminski

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Red Orchid said...

Clear now. Jews are Semites and everyone else is antisemitic.

noun: Semite; plural noun: Semites

a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs.

Semite. Semite, member of a people speaking any of a group of related languages presumably derived from a common language, Semitic (see Semitic languages). The term came to include Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites, Hebrews, some Ethiopians, and Aramaean tribes.

Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. A person who holds such positions is called an antisemite. Antisemitism is generally considered to be a form of racism.

Jews originated as an ethnic and religious group in the Middle East during the second millennium BCE, in the part of the Levant known as the Land of Israel. The Merneptah Stele appears to confirm the existence of a people of Israel somewhere in Canaan as far back as the 13th century BCE (Late Bronze Age).

Albert said...

The "Traveling Circus Fake Shooters" (All Moved from Country to Country in HUGE Cargo-Transport-Planes) Thesis is Quite SIMPLE to Understand:
Training-Drills are Held for Days, hundreds of Police, EMTs, "Crisis-Actors" etc are Involved. -- No-One DIES. "LIVE on the Day" Footage is Combined with Previous-Days' Training-Exercises Footage, in the LIVE-News Coverage. ----- From the Prime-Minister Down, Everyone is Assured: that NO-ONE will Actually-DIE, and Thus NONE-Involved-in-the-DAYS-of-Drills: will be Implicated in ANY REAL DEATHS !!! -- Everyone who is a "Crisis-Actor" is PAID: to Play-Their-ROLE/Act On & Off Camera. -- Once: They Sign-the-Contract & TAKE-the-Money -- They Can / Must NEVER Tell-the-TRUTH !!! -- Easy System, REPEAT the SAME, in Each New Venue!

OK, Let's TRY to Understand the: "In the 17 minute Shooting-Video Tarrant Murders 30+ REAL-People" Assertion:
Ten or so REAL People ARE Already-DEAD to the Left (5-10 to the Right in-the-Open-Door-Exit) of Tarrant - WHEN He FIRST Comes in and Only "Fires" 45° to the Left, -- After the 17 minute video events 30+ REAL-People are DEAD... -- EXCEPT for the Guy who Lay-face-Down Half-Under-the-Bench "Pretending-to-be-Dead" but NEVER-got-Shot.
-- OK, Somehow, the Bodies 90°-to-the-Left were REAL-People-Already-DEAD (Who Knows How, Magic?)
----- Question: How in Hell: Does ANYONE: SHUT-UP: THAT-Guy: Who was-NOT-Killed: from TELLING-the-TRUTH of HOW: REAL-People were ALREADY Piled-Up-DEAD: 90°-to-the-Left -- BEFORE: Tarrant FIRST Comes-in-the-Room !????? ;-)

-- THINK about it For-YOURSELVES !!! (I Don't even "Understand" the: "I SEE 'shell-casings' - therefore it IS All REAL." "Logic" -- My favorite Sci-Fi TV-Shows have HAD: Actors Firing-BLANKS with-CARTRIDGE-Cases-Coming-Out for DECADES !!! )
-- In the "Travelling FAKE Shooting Circus" Scenario: NO-ONE Actually gets Killed, and ALL of the HUNDREDS of: Police, EMTs, "Crisis-Actors", all-the-Way-to-the-Top, is-HAPPY! ;-) -- and ALL Those MANY-People, who are PAID to ACT: Never Tell the TRUTH-of-Their-FRAUD! ;-)

-- The Other Scenario Has (After DAYS of Drills) DOZENS of REAL-People DEAD, Hundreds of Police, EMTs, "Crisis-Actors" and HIGHER-UPS Implicated in the MURDERS of DOZENS of REAL-People, --- And DOZENS of REAL-Grieving-Relatives - WIVES of MURDERED-Husbands etc - Who Simply WON'T: "Tow-the-Official-STORY-Line" or SHUT-UP !!!!!!!!
----- Including the Guy-Half-Under-the-Bench, WHO-CAN Actually-Explain: HOW there WAS Already-a-PILE of REAL-DEAD-People 90°-to-the-Left of Tarrant -- BEFORE He even FIRST Entered-the-Room !!! ;-)

-- WHY DO Folks Bizarrely-INSIST: that 50 REAL-People DIED!? -- When, in the "Crisis-Actor" PRACTICE: of the Second-Mosque, CLEARLY No-One is ACTUALLY-even-Hurt!

Bottom-Line: Exactly-Like Christopher-Bollyn Says: IF Building-7 WAS-Obviously Controlled-Demolition (Rigged for Weeks Before), the Trade-Towers were Also!
So Too: IF SOME of the "Victims" are FAKE, not-even-Hurt "Crisis-Actors" -- With HUNDREDS of People INVOLVED/Implicated in the Days-of-DRILLS... -- Then: ALL of the "Victims" are "Crisis-Actors" and NO-ONE was ACTUALLY-Murdered !!! ---- Otherwise HOW Could: Hundreds of People (Police, EMTs, Non-Hurt "Crisis-Actors") Be POSSIBLY EXPECTED: For Weeks, Months, YEARS to NEVER Tell the TRUTH of What Really-Happened!?
---------- Exactly Like: Corporate Medical-Malpractice/Injury or Product-LIABILITY Law-Suits: ONCE People: SIGN-the-(Non-Disclosure-Agreement)-Contract and TAKE the $100,000s/$1,000,000s PAY-OFF -- THEN They Can NEVER Tell-the-TRUTH... -- Without SEVERE-Consequences!

Albert said...

The Simple Manipulative SYSTEM is: FIRST You BRIBE, ---- THEN: You Blackmail, or "Silence" when-Necessary!
(Just LIKE the FBI etc Has-someone-in-a-Room, Implicated-in-"Crimes", and SHOWS-them that They WILL-BE: Put-in-Jail for DECADES-of-Charges... -- UNLESS They BECOME-an-"Informer"!)

Og said...


I asked for the meaning of semitism not what a semite is
If we are anti something, then describe the something

RickB said...

Ognir didn't pick up discussion on Glenn or Spingola … just as well, neither deserve attention, both should be ignored.

Hope Glenn gets back up online to defend Trump's ultimate peace deal as somehow reining in Israel and good for Palestinians. That should be as good as his defending the truth movement from Sandy Hook hoaxers.

Red Orchid said...

@The Ogster

I posted my comment before I'd listened to the show. Then I realized it was discussed in the first hour.

"Clear now. Jews are Semites and everyone else is antisemitic."

I was wearing a pair of Jewish spectacles when I said that.

They see themselves as chosen and valuable. They see us as Goyim who want to rob them of their choseness. We do that by not believing them. Therefore we are antisemitic.

Red Orchid said...

Palestinians are Semites, no one has killed more Palestinians than Israeli Jews. Go figure.

They insist on calling others anti-Semites. And this nonsense is gathering a pace.

Og said...

You see that's the point, we get accused of antisemitism because we are suppose to be anti semitism, explain the actions of the other side

Red Orchid said...

What I'm saying is according to the Jew we are antisemitic.

I've got nothing against Palestinians or other Arabs that are not rogue and not gone off fighting with America's and Israel's proxies tasked with killing other Semites.

It's obvious who the antisemites are.

Those Arabs fighting America's and Israel's proxies are Semites.

Jews are not the only Semites and Jews who can't speak Hebrew cannot be Semites.

Og said...

even if you use wikishittie they have no clear definition of "semitism"

Isn't that odd, since they can't describe what it is but have no problem pointing the finger at anti-group

Ross said...

@ The Ogster

I think we should adopt the following definitions:

semitism - Belief in Jewish racial supremacy and the primacy of Talmudic law.

anti-semitism - Opposition to semitism

Red Orchid said...

Semite and antisemitism

A word Jews have appropriated to describe their choseness.

Semite derives from Shem. Shem being the first son of Noah. After the flood, when everyone was was wiped out in that part of the world, Shem took possession of that land

"The portion of the earth occupied by the descendants of Shem, (Genesis 10:21,31) begins at its northwestern extremity with Lydia, and includes Syria (Aram), Chaldaea (Arphaxad), parts Of Assyria (Asshur), of Persia (Elam), and of the Arabian peninsula (Joktan). Modern scholars have given the name of Shemitic or Semitic to the languages spoken by his real or supposed descendants. [HEBREW LANGUAGE]"

Jews are relying on Bible texts to claim they are Semites, but the land Shem claimed is modern day Syria and Palestine.

Perhaps when the Israelites made their exodus and claimed "their" promised land, Semites in their way were all killed and the only Semites that remained were Israelites.

But it's not true because one of the languages of Shem is Arabic.

A Semite means absolutely nothing it's a made up word to those who don't believe the Bible.

And to those who do believe most of it, it's still often difficult to get one's head around it.

Anyway, Jews do not, and should not have exclusive use of the word "Semite". It's being used to insult, offend and imprison the goyim.

Red Orchid said...

"Old Arabic is the earliest attested stage of the Arabic language, beginning with the first attestation of personal names in the 9th century BC, and culminating in the codification of Classical Arabic beginning in the 7th century AD.

Originally the primary language of the Safaitic and Hismaic inscriptions, it came to be expressed primarily in a modified Nabataean script after the demise of the Nabataean Kingdom. In addition, inscriptions in Old Arabic are attested in the Dadanitic script and the Greek alphabet, the latter of which have proved indispensable in the reconstruction of the language's phonology.Wikipedia

Region:Northwestern Arabian Peninsula and the southern Levant
Era:9th century BC to 7th century
Language family:Afroasiatic Semitic West Semitic Central Semitic Arabic Old Arabic"

Language and how we humans have skillfully developed it places us closer to God than anything else on the planet. It's possible that God had a hand in teaching us language to move us beyond the grunting, it might be because he wanted to communicate with us.

Was Noah and his three sons speaking a language on the ark? Must have been something going on.

Anyway, the promised land before it was the promised land was being populated by Shem and his wife. Perhaps two languages emerged from the original, one being Old Arabic and the other being Hebrew, both being Semitic and Arabs and Israelites are related. Alas I think the Ashkenazim are something else.

"Back in March 2019 another member of the Jewish Leadership Council, the “leading Holocaust educator” Dame Helen Hyde, “suggested dropping the use of ‘antisemitism’ because students do not understand what it means.” In his condemnation of Omar, Goldstein was using Hyde’s new alternative, “anti-Jewish racism.” He hammered away at this concept in his article, referring again and again to “racism directed towards Jews” rather than to “anti-Semitism.”

The concept of “anti-Jewish racism” is certainly easier to understand than “anti-Semitism,” but it’s also easier to question".

Article is well worth a read.

Jack said...

Hello Zapoper,
I cannot play The Graham Hart Show via the player on the webpage. I tried hitting download and a company called 4sync came up and it seems I cannot proceed without ticking a box which gives them access to my data,something I am reluctant to do. Is this a permanent situation? Any advice would be appreciated.


zapoper said...

They banned my account read this:

Jack said...

Thanks for the quick reply Zapoper, I enjoy listening to The Graham Hart Show,is ticking the access to data box OK do you think? Or should I wait for another solution.


zapoper said...

Nothing that I edited and uploaded to 4Sync for the last 10 months is accessible.

zapoper said...

New download link

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Is Ognir a fool or a shill?
I think that he's the latter even though he claims that the Christchurch shooting event was real.

So if you can see this comment Ognir, please explain why the ground was wet on the day of the event but in reality it hadn't rained there for several days before the event?

Please explain why the music went quiet when the "shooter" closed the door on his car but the music kept on playing when he was at least 133 metres away from his car?

And for your info Ognir, all the alleged dead victims were Medical manakins and only two of them had blood pouches installed into their heads, one them was in the mosque and the other one was in the head of the manikin that so conveniently removed its shoes and placed them next to its body on the footpath just before its blood pouch and scalp was shot with a real bullet.

Ognir, after the actor returned to his car, he picked up a second rifle which was part filled with live ammo to shoot the dummies (2 of which had blood pouches in their heads.)The first shots from the actors second rifle were blanks, and even an actor can count from 1 to 10!

TITBIT: According to Ognir; 3,000 people were killed during the "controlled demolition"! of the world trade centre buildings that were demolished on the 11th day of September 2001!)

Repeat; is Ignir a fool or a shill?

Og said...

fool shill jaysus so many options

How about coming on with me and do an audio and we can debate it

Otherwise STFU

Skype Ognir3