May 08, 2019

The Realist Report with John Friend 2019.05.08

Adam Green

The Realist



KnownUnknown said...

Gotta disagree with Adam on the Trump like Hitler thing. Hitler actually did shit like take back control of the money supply actually kick-start German industry again. Trump talks but hasn't done shit.

KnownUnknown said...

Here's some clown world shit right here John:

"Feds charge suspect in Poway synagogue killing with 109 counts of hate crimes"

Voltman said...

Holocaust Cathedral On Burning Temple Mount

A sculpture of scripture, a majestic fixture
Gothic architecture of stone mason culture
Spiritual betrayal a crime unforgivable
Monumental memorial of time immemorial

Corrupted minorities misleading the sheeple
Mistrusted authorities ignoring the people
Religion of liars dressed up as friars
Their burning desires igniting fires

Temple temperature's risin'
Holy Smoke on the horizon
Holocaust Cathedral arson
Believers abandon reason

Holocaust Cathedral
Notre Dame Memorial
On Burning Temple Mount
The Church of no account

Obie said...

It amazes me that despite all the things Jews have done and are doing to obliterate our race now and as far back in the past as you care to go, there are still people in the White Nationalist movement naive [read: bloody stupid] enough to embrace the myth of the good Jew. There are no good Jews. Jews like Adam Green are employed simply to lead gullible whites to believe that all the evil, wicked, conniving Jews, who just so happen to control world finance, the mainstream media, and politics in general, represent only a small minority of Jewry, and that most Jews are really on our side or at the very least pose no threat to us. The problem with this theory is that it overlooks the gestalt of Jewry, i.e. the whole of Jewry being greater than the sum of its parts. Put any group of Jews in any white country and, given sufficient time, they will bring that country to ruin. This has happened with mathematical reliability so many times throughout history that the possibility of it being a coincidence has long since been fossilized.

I'd like to ask Mr. Friend a question. What were all the good Jews doing in times past to stop their evil brethren from trashing the white countries in which their people had settled? That's a rhetorical question, by the way, because I already know the answer. They were talking to people like you, Mr. Friend, about how they abhorred the vile actions of a small number, and a small number only, of their fellow Jews.