June 03, 2019

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INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Anecdotes, anecdotes, anecdotes. I'll see your drugy 6 sigma fail and raise you a horn of africa harem keeper who thought all the housing benefit and other cash handed to him for free was his personal spending loot and that we were a bunch of khaants for not housing the harem and litter in the style they were expected to replicate from their slaving shithole of origin.
what got really got hia goat was the load of self loading faux displaced persons and gangsta families from chaldea who were being parked in the lap of luxury at EU tax payers expence within luxury new built apartment complexes owned by Liberachy Rachmanisms et al and run into the country by tikka massala chabadee charities, innit. He'd got deliberatley refugeed from the wrong shooting match as drill as exercise as false fake newsas war crime.