June 30, 2019

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK

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Voltman said...

Anarchy in the Hierarchy

Believabull Bollocks

US Scarecrows send CATCH-22s to Qatar

The United States Air Farce has dispatched obsolete CATCH-22 stealth fighters to Qatar.

The Air Farce did not give the total number of CATCH-22s deployed, but a handout picture showed five warplanes in a parking lot somewhere.

“These aircrap are deployed to Qatar for the last time in order to ATTACK Iranian forces and interests in and around Iran”, the Air Farce did not say.

“The CATCH-22 planes would be the first targets of the S-300 batteries followed by attacks on other less stealthy US aircraft”, Laydown could have said.”

Thanks to the engineers at Plutonymus Maximus and their Hi-Jackit 22 air defense system, the CATCH-22's missiles will be turned AROUND and guided to choice targets including the attackers and their military bases.

The presence of the Hi-Jackit 22 system is a strong deterrent to any further escalation in tensions by the US and israhel, admitted Carl Shyster, a former director of terrorism at the US Pacific Command’s Joint Terrorism Center.

“It means the US is looking to start something, but the Iranians are looking to finish something”, Shyster did not say…

Meanwhile, back in Manitoba Canada, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were polishing their long bombs and are expected to join their Moronican counterfarts in the Persian Gulf & Country Club, to try and look tough and ready for the cameras of Bullstream Media.

Plutonymus Maximus Ready to Deliver Genius Bombs to Iran

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