June 27, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.06.24

Brizer's guest: Jan Lamprecht This was an inspiring show which went into "overdrive". Jan and Brizer had good chemistry. IMO

P.S. All the Graham shows from the last ten months will soon be available again.

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JT Custer said...

Very good info, men.
Yes, of course, Merkel is a jew.
And Jan, at or near his best, as he is here, is a font of optimism supported by the facts of our past heroics, our awesome inventiveness, and our coming heroics.

In addition to the music you play that supports our fellow Whites and sends vital messages (Graham's "Hoax Train" and Paddy Tarleton "The Goyim Know"), I suggest you add PATTON.45 .
Yes, the "Patton" refers to Gen. George Patton Jr., who awoke to the jew enemy and said, "We Defeated The WRONG ENEMY."

That statement is the chorus of the latest PATTON.45 song and VIDEO, which uses Patton's own words from his diary and letters as lyrics. And it's FREE.


You'll notice that thus far archive.org is not allowing the hits to be counted on the "WRONG ENEMY" video while only some hits are allowed to be counted on the other songs. GET IT. SPREAD IT, while it's available.

Again, very good broadcast here by Brizer and Jan!
Thank you.

Voltman said...

I agree with JT Custer above. Jan L was quite inspired and optimistic. Great interview by Bruiser, I mean Brizer.


Yukon Jack June 27:

"I don’t think the mistranslation was a mistake at all. It was 100% intentional by Jews who are intentionally manipulating Trump into war. I am sure everyone on this website understands this.

Last night Jeff Rense interviewed Joel Skousen (hour 2) and they talk explicitly about this “mistranslation” and how Trump is a dummy for getting himself manipulated and boxed in.

Here is a link on Mami’s Shit website and it definitely worth a listen, no wasted bs chat either:


scars June 27:

"Well, Donald Trump is retarded, so even if he did say it — so what? They are hoping that, by alleging Iran insulted him personally, Trump will be angry enough to retaliate. Trump is being set up by (((them))) to be the next Hitler. The US has to go in order to establish the JWO and they have picked their next boogeyman to usher in WW3. And, by the way, “our best friend in the middle east” won’t be on our side. They will scurry of to latch themselves like the blood sucking parasites they are to the next superpower: China."


Western News Agencies Mistranslate Iran’s President Speech – It Is Not The First Time Such ‘Error’ Happens
Moon of Alabama – June 26, 2019


Iran has not forgotten the US’s use of depleted uranium bombs, chemical weapons and the downing of one of their passenger planes which killed over 250 Iranians.

Jimmy Dore does an outstanding job of pulling this story out of the memory hole.

When U.S. Shot Down Iranian Passenger Jet
The Jimmy Dore Show
Published on Jun 24, 2019


If you head for the hills, stay out of the briar patch. {{{smiles}}}