July 03, 2019

Did US - Russian Submarines Have a Firefight?


Nona said...

HOW do we know this report is not a False Flag?! From (((their))) perverse agency? One of those very reports taht has been foretold by many, that will lit a fire under civilians, to go to war?

zapoper said...

We don't know.

Og said...

debkafile is 100% bullshit

complete bullshit

Nona said...

Sure, as hell, SOMETHING is going on!


FLOTUS seems to *be going to earth! Literally!

*term used for foxes when they flee into their underground dens.

WWS said...

Proven Fed Hal Turner is a prime source:

Og said...

debka full of shit
turner full of shit

now just send them shekels

Nona said...

This seems to be an update:


And I put this on because, We, THE People, have to be concerned about ourselves. No Elite/Feds care about us. We have to care for ourselves.

ANd let me say that, WE have the capacity to be our own leaders, if these Elite, disappear. We have the hand skills to carry on among our own Communities, and to teach others these skills.

Once these Suppressors disappear, we can grow our own food, build out houses, dig our own water wells, dig our own latrines, do our own Medical systems, surgery, dentistry, First Aid, teach our children good ways to live together without violence, set up our own be car mechanics, do carpentry, plumbing, repairs of all kinds, bury our dead when necessary, set up our our Guards to protect our local Communities, our own local leaders, etc.

We'll do VERY well!