July 26, 2019

Ex-Nazi Karl Münter charged in Germany for Holocaust denial (Bullshit Story???)

Posted July 24th 2019

An ex-Nazi soldier was charged by German prosecutors on Wednesday for blaming Holocaust victims for their own deaths and denying that six million Jews were killed in the World War II genocide.

Prosecutors didn’t name the former SS soldier, but he is understood to be 96-year-old Karl Münter, who was previously convicted in France for his role in the murders of 86 people in the village of Ascq during WWII, according to Agence France-Presse. (Read more @  NY Post)

Their link to Agence France-Presse goes to the Times of Israel instead of  AFP.com. If you Go to AFP.com you will not find anything about this story.

Posted July 25th 2019 Same story here (It's all over the internet)

But wait! Apparently, they dropped the charges  Posted On July 23rd 2019. Again, they are citing Agence France-Presse with no hyperlink to back it up.

Then there is this story from last year Posted March 27th 2018: Germany drops case against ex-SS soldier over French massacre

Did they try to prosecute him twice in less than a year and four months? I don't think so.

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