July 31, 2019

Florida synagogue receives package with anti-Semitic content


Voltman said...

Does JBS stand for jewish bull shit? No?
It does now.

Jews operate through puppets and attack white Christian culture which makes Manson’s tactics look so Jewish that Jews had to be behind Manson. - Frank Einstein


Putin Is Warning the USA About Attacking Iran
Vandita – ANONHQ.com July 27, 2019

Tim Osman said...

Staged bs

zapoper said...

Yeah. They don't even take the time to make a fake package and take a picture of it with its so called anti-Semitic writings.

Probably to cover their butts. It's much easier to weasel out of a simple lie than it is to explain a hoax. If they are caught having perpetrated one once the investigation is done then it really looks bad.