July 09, 2019

Swamp scrubs all Democrat ties to Epstein


YUKON JACK said...

Today I learned on the internets that Israel's superspy Robert Maxwell, father of Jizzlane Maxwell, girlfriend and pedomule for Jeffrey Epstain, who is cousins with Harvey "casting couch" Weinerstein who is best buds with HellDon Adelson who is a major Israeli money launderer who installed El Presidente Donald "I want to date Ivanka" Trumpenstein who said today there was no problem with labor secretary Alexander I Acostayou who coveredup Orgy Island frequent flyer Bill Cliton, who is married to Hellery ""We came, we saw, he died," lesbian secretary of state to Barak "Barry Soetero" Obongo married to Michael "I got a weiner under my dress" First Tranny who drank a nice glass of wine watching Notre Dame burn.

Tommorow I am sure to check the interwebs again for more intrigue.

Og said...