August 29, 2019

Brexit was about reclaiming our national sovereignty & controlling our borders. What happened? (podcast plus article by Nick Griffin)

We have a very special podcast and article for you today. Nick Griffin discusses his views on what the current Tory government's vision of Brexit entails, and how they will use our genuine desire to leave the EU to push economic liberalism - that both the establishment Left and Right support - while ignoring the REAL reason we voted to vacate the European Union - immigration.
PM Johnson has in fact been quite clear since he became a Brexiteer, that while he lukewarmly supports our leaving the EU, he does not want our departure to spell an end to mass immigration, or the movement of goods and people.


Albert said...

Please Don't Throw me into the Briar-Patch !!! ;-)

tag said...

The state we are in.
The un-elected Prime Sinister Boris "Bris" Johnson is a Jew by descent.
The Edict of Expulsion of 1290 is still in force. The perpetual banishment of Jews was fixed by unanimous desire, Judgement, Edict and Decree by King and Parliament and is forever and final. Therefore all Jews present in England today are illegal immigrants here unlawfully and the enforcement of the Expulsion is the only satisfactory solution.
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenberg aka Mrs Mountbatton, aka "The Queen" aka "Windsor," aka "QE2", was crowned upon a fake Coronation Stone and further she has abrogated her Coronation Oath by allowing the sovereign citizens of England, U.K. and Britain to be placed under the authority of the E.U.
Never having been Lawfully crowned, having been a criminal impostor-Sovereign and having committed treason, the only satisfactory solution is to have her removed from the throne and imprisoned.
Boris has NO lawful authority to request suspension of Parliament, and since Mrs Battenburg has NO lawful authority to suspend Parliament and since Parliamentary “authority” comes through her via her betrayed sovereign citizens, there is no lawful Parliament to suspend in any event
Britain also technically has already left the E.U. on the 31st March 2019