August 30, 2019

Complaint by Ursula Haverbeck against the refusal of her early release

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Posted on 30. August 2019 by Typist

Ursula Haverbeck Umlostraße 100 33649 Bielefeld

To the district court Bielefeld 33595 Bielefeld

Bielefeld, 11.08.2019

Appeal against the decision of Judge Oesker as a single judge, 19. Strafvollstreckungskammer Bielefeld Az. 100 StVk 2221/19 (21 Js 814 / 16STA Detmold)

We hereby appeal in time against the resolution of 31.07.2019, received here on 8 August.

Judge Oesker justified her refusal of premature release with an existing danger of abuse. It is not acknowledged that there can not be such an offense. This is already apparent from the fact that the judge stated clearly that the punishable abuse in this case would already be in the truthful indication of the reason for imprisonment on the question of it.

If the accused does not want to commit abusive behavior, she is expected to either talk or lie about it. That's outrageous - and then by a judge. Please ask what honest citizens will say when I tell them that I can not answer their question because I would be liable to prosecution, because my offense is the answer.

It must finally be clarified whether a judiciary can tolerate it even longer 74 years after the war and wants a political-critical opinion that is undesirable for a particular group to be treated as a criminal offense? This is also for many members of said group no longer acceptable. (...)

The consequences are evident in their absurdity, especially in such a case: danger of abuse in a utterance offense, an expression of opinion! I consider it inhumane for a 91-year-old to be expected to face the corresponding complaints, which are rapidly increasing in prison, because of her age, to await the inevitable resolution of these questions and contradictions in prison.

I ask you to remember, it is ultimately not about my person, it is about the once so highly respected German legal life, the basis of a liberal constitutional state.

Ursula Haverbeck


Henry said...

Here we see why there is no hope for Germany and its people. The opportunity presents for Germans to rise against the laws that protect against Holohoax denial by insisting that human rights and decency demand that this aging woman (who poses no threat to anybody) be released on humanitarian grounds at least, if none other.

Feelstupidyet said...

Ursula Haverbeck is the real definition of a strong woman.

Forge The Bond said...

Sadly, l agree "there is no hope for Germany and its people". A nation utterly destroyed by 74 years of occupation by The Tribe. There is no path to liberation for the foreseeable future. Period.

Alan said...

Much more than 74.