August 20, 2019

Google Censors To Protect Trump Too - His Ties To Mafia & Blackmail Scrubbed From Search Suggestions


Tim said...

nice one ognir

Panzerfaust said...

Ever heard of Larry Celona? Putting this out there:
>In Kubrick's Eyes wide shut a woman is killed by a cult, Larry Celona, a real journalist, writes a fake article where he pretends that she wasn't murdered by saying she was happy before dying, and there was nothing suspicious about her death.

>In real life, Larry Celona has to make an article about Kubrick's death, he writes that he was happy and nothing suspicious happened.

>Twenty years later Larry Celona gets the only picture of Epstein death body

>He seems to mostly write about suicides and "accident" deaths during his whole career at the glowing New York Post

>very few photos of him exist

> yet he scooped every Epstein/MCC story: Epstein's first suicide attempt at MCC + his death (Celona exclusively got Epstein's corpse photos in NYPost) + his alleged will filled out two days before death

> past scoops: JFK Jr's death in plane crash (first journalist in world to report); Kubrick's death (also worked on EWS, no further films); smeared Dominique Strauss-Kahn's maid of being of ill repute after he tried to rape

> all these scoops, yet no Wikipedia page, no verified LinkedIn, no Twitter (?), no Facebook, seemingly not written any books

and last but not least

Larry "sets the paragraph head before you get dead" Celona
Larry "publishes at five when you get the nine" Celona
Larry "knows your dead as you give him the cred" Celona
Larry "buries the lede before you bleed" Celona
Larry "picks the font before you're gone" Celona
Larry "often suspected when a death is unexpected" Celona
Larry "just a normal guy writing your suicide tagline" Celona

KnownUnknown said...

Thanks Panzer, very interesting.

Amanda said...

Interesting info Panzer. Thanks.
Maybe someone should email him

No photos anywhere. Maybe some kind of spook.

Forge The Bond said...

Is Google protecting Trump, or the mobsters and blackmailers?

Panzerfaust said...

One and the same. 2019 is the year I fully came to realize the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC is an organized crime front company. Jeff Gates was on the mark when he coined it Criminal State.

Zeebra said...

google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, who just did a big doc dump to Project Veritas, interviewed last Mon 8/19 by Patriots' Soapbox YT channel. VG!

1h 25m:

Amanda said...

Panzer- yeah, that's how I think of it too--US govt is a giant organized crime operation masquerading as a govt.