Monday, August 19, 2019

Jeff Rense 2015 Car Crash (Update)


From Zeebra:

zap, if U can resurrect the audios of these Rense shows, he tells the story of his first deadly Toyota Land Cruiser crash, which sounds like obv hit attempt:

To hear JR tell it, first was to duffy, somewhere around or shortly after the middle, (aprox 30min mark)
Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.06.08

Then he told it to Tim Rifat at around 26 mins, and to Jay Weidner at the opening of their hour:
Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.06.10


KnownUnknown said...

Thanks Zap. Here's another one that's completely changed his tune

"OH MY GOD! Jan Irvin Shames the USS Liberty victims! 100% Israeli propaganda saying it was their fault. SHARE THIS FAR & WIDE. DOWNLOAD & MIRROR via @TruNews"

Zeebra said...

Wow thx zap for dredging up those audio files, which were "lost" when Mami's old file host terminated us here, presumably for (((HATE))).

background for readers on why we're talking about JR's two 2015 SUV crashes is here:

By late 2015 or top of '16, JR's site & shows had magically transformed into over-the-top anti Muzzie propaganda organs - ever since, like Pam Geller's blog or something! :'(

Naji Ahmadhi said...

I notice the increase in anti-muzzie, but ignored it because he has always been in that direction. What really startled me was the appearance of:

From Israel - David Rubin - The Deadly Threat Of Islam To The West (The irony) 2019.08.14
From Israel - David Rubin - Trump And The Jews 2019.07.31

I've always assumed that Rense was a right-wing "Chomsky Gatekeeper" and that it is time to pay the rent, but maybe he IS under threat. Whichever the case, it is definitely time to pay the rent and nothing subtle about it.

"David Rubin is former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel, In the region of Samaria, known to much of the world as the West Bank, founder of president of Shiloh Israel Children's Fund, dedicated to healing the trauma of child victims of terrorist attacks as well as rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel".

Author of a Book "Trump and the Jews", which is a "Trump is Cyrus" treatment, and given reviews by: - Christopher Ruddy - CEO of Newsmax Media, - Danny Ayalon - former Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel and Ambassador to the United States, - Michele Bachmann - 2012 Presidential Candidate, former US Congresswoman, - Jack Engelhard - Best-Selling Novelist, Author of "Indecent Proposal", - Dr. Robert Jeffress - Pastor, Author, Host of the TV show, Pathway to Victory

Red Orchid said...

It's got nothing to do with the Rense Post, although if he is copping a bit of flack he probably deserves it.

Painting/image is interesting, if an admin puts it up it might generate some interesting comment.

Og said...

anti-muzzie 4 years

and trumptard 2015-mid 2018

Red Orchid said...

And somebody ought to tell him there are slightly better tenors around today and in days past than Mario Lanza!

It must be getting hard for him after all that Trump has done for Jeff to still defending him?

PS: that photo of Trump with that young girl... Makow is now saying it's Ivanka, so I'm prepared to concede photo is now not quite so seedy.

Zeebra said...

For anyone curious about JR's second 2015 engineered crash - first crash desc'd above was in May '15 right? I don't have show link(s) for when he describes the second, but from memory, it happened later that summer sometime:

JR had bought himself another late '90s Land Cruiser, coz he loves 'em. He lives on a rural highway in S. OR, with a long driveway from the highway to his house. It's downhill from house to hwy.

Got in the SUV one day, & descending down that driveway, tapped the breaks-- GONE. So some kind of crash was imminent; he just needed to figure out how to make it least bad. So he steered off the side of the driveway -- and all the finer details he described I forget now, but whatever he had to hit & finally come to a stop, he was left only mildly banged up.

He's somewhere early/mid 70s now, & quite thin, as vegan for decades. That first crash was deemed by the coppers as being "unsurvivable", however they determine that. So remarkable he's still with us, & working hard. But...

By 2016 when had taken that sharp turn to become zio "Clash of Civilizations/WW3" agitprop bullhorn, I was pretty impatient with JR, & wished he'd just hung up the mic, & cashed in his chips via a sale of the whole operation. He couldn't get through a F'n hour with a guest whose expertise was, say organic food or whatever, without JR hijacking the convo for several minute long anti-Muzzie rants... leaving the guest in a very awkward position, like, wtf?! Mercifully that shit has at least eased up since then, but not gone, evidenced by repeat zio-stooge guests like David Rubin, calling from Izzy, to tell listeners how badly the muzzies wanna kill us all & eat our babies (read: Projection).

zapoper said...

The links I put up are from June 2015. Why do you keep writing May?

I do remember the no breaks story too (second crash) but have no idea which date he described it on air.

zapoper said...

Some one uploaded my file on This is April 27th 2015

Now I'm properly confused.

Zeebra said...

yes zap that's JR's first show back from accident. So I'm incorrect above in saying accident was in May -- it would've been on Fri Apr 24 2015.

That show zap posted above is prolly best wrt JR describing the accident. IIRC he didn't publicly discuss it again until those June '15 shows above.

He notes he was approaching his home, ~60 mph, anticipating slowing down to eventually turn up his driveway... adding to the case that it was a hit job, as if the 2 guys in the grey pickup sub-story weren't enough.

Zeebra said...
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Zeebra said...

was curious to learn more about JR's beloved 1997 Land Cruiser; yeah nice, & pre-"drive by wire", afaik. :)

Images/prices: carfax showing asking prices $10-$16K

Zeebra said...

zap, I see ur "Update" title, + the added 4/27/15 show link.

The post must be confusing to noobs, or anyone really, as if JR has currently been in (another) crash.

Might change to, for ex, "Backstory of Jeff Rense's 2015 SUV crash/hit job attempt"

Right now it's confusing title + spaghetti links for an unfamiliar reader to get up to speed, much less why they should care?

Scorpio said...

Jeff is anti-muzzie? so what.
Must be a shill for the Jews then - lmao.
Could someone please explain why we should align ourselves with Muzzies or even be sympathetic to their 'cause'?
Let the kissing cousins fight it out on their own and let's preserve western civilization.

...But I have to admit that I found Jeffie baby's recent interview with Rubin to be a little strange.
He was on his best behavior to say the least. You have to wonder how or why he wanted to book Rubin as a guest.
I don't need a jew to explain the incompatibilities between western civilization and Islam.
Don't get me wrong - I am quite fond of long as they are in muslim countries.

Zeebra said...

Scorpio said...
Jeff is anti-muzzie? so what.
Must be a shill for the Jews then - lmao.
Could someone please explain why we should align ourselves with Muzzies or even be sympathetic to their 'cause'?

False dichotomy/straw man; no one's saying "align ourselves w muzzies" (except, Islam still prohibits USURY, the wellspring of the Rothschild-zio empire - unlike formerly anti-usury Christendom which caved to the joo centuries ago).

Rense's anti muzzie joospew rants are all emotion/fear-based, what savage animals they are, existential threat, will never assimilate, sharia law booga booga, want us to convert or be beheaded yada yada. IOW, joo WW3/Clash of Civilizations agitprop intended to make Westerners 'properly' fear/hate muzzies, who joowry will continue flooding us with anyways, so the fear/hate DIVISION in muzzie (joo proxy warriors) invaded countries is the (((intent))).

Do these muzzie joo-proxy-warrior invaders the joo is injecting into the West, create a culture clash problem? HELL YES, AS INTENDED. So bang on the (((ROOT))), Rense - Kalergi Plan, Greater Izzy Plan. Point the finger of blame properly, ffs.

I forget which prominent author type said it (dissident joo, I think...) but quote went something like,

"I keep hearing this mantra, 'Izzy is our ONLY FRIEND in the mideast.' And every time I think to myself, before Izzy, we had NO ENEMIES in the mideast!"

Feelstupidyet said...

Middle easterners are fine when they stay in the Middle East. Don't flood European lands and expect to be friends. That includes Jews. Scorpio is right on about them being kissing cousins.