Monday, August 12, 2019

On second thought

Published by John Kaminski: Monday, 12 August 2019 09:52

You may wish to reassess
the degree to which
you’ve been deceived

This is the great secret of our time. Hitler was the good guy.

And we — Americans!— were the semiconscious bad guys. Uninformed, misled, hungry, and victims of a depraved public relations campaign, we were the bad guys who ultimately believed the lies that resulted in 60 million dead people.

World War II (1941-45). Three Jewish-controlled countries — England, U.S., USSR — pulverizing a sincere Christian nation attempting to escape the fatal embrace of the Jewish world bank, which by now, 75 years later, throttles the whole world with its ruthless exploitation of money, perpetually squeezing the life out of humans and other lifeforms.


Nona said...

He's right!

One of the many brave Souls, here to help the rest of us!

Henry said...

"World War II (1941-1945)"...Shorly shumm mishtake here

zapoper said...

I'm sure that he meant the duration of it for Americans.

zapoper said...

At least the official story of Americans entering the war after Pearl harbor.

Henry said...

lol...Get him on and we can discuss his unique calendar. The US ignored a number of what must be considered German 'acts of war' long before Pearl Harbour was Japanned. Even after PH the US didn't want to know about Germany and so Hitler had to declare war on America on 11 December. Fuck me, according to Kaninski, the Second World didn't start until 1942 almost, and Hitler really did start it!

zapoper said...

Both sides were doing shit. Let's not forget that the US was supplying the British way before all that.

zapoper said...

This reminds me of my first girlfriend and her father who was a college professor. That guy was such a dumbass teacher that he didn't believe me when I told him about the USA only joining the war in early 42. He was sticking to his guns about (1939-1945).

zapoper said...

I was 16 LOL.

Henry said...

Well you should take that up with Kaminski. He seems to think the Americans had no involvement until a fortnight before 1942. As for the Judeo-American bloodsucking act called 'Lend-Lease' that effectively ended America's neutrality in March 41, nine months before Japan attacked. However, under the talmudic terms of the act it was (theoretically) possible for Germany Italy and Japan to also receive assistance. Ask your friend if he thinks World War One started in 1914 or did it really have to wait until after the British sent the draft of the Balfour Declaration to President Wilson and his Jewish controllers for their edit(s) in 1917?

zapoper said...

Let's make something clear. Kaminski is not my friend but I do enjoy reading his articles.

I understand your point and will leave it at that for now.

You can go ahead and point out inconsistencies all you want. I have no dog in this fight.

Thanks for posting Henry.