Friday, September 13, 2019

Gangster state

Published by John Kaminski: Friday, 13 September 2019 11:44

Turning us into the cattle
they trained us to become

All Western nations wind up with false leaders,
the result of Jewish media misleading the public

If you vote in U.S. elections, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, because without asking questions, you are voting for war — and not just war, but illegal preventive war, which is nothing less than a war on everyone. It is the way the USA has always done business, and in fact, the way you have always voted.

Sanctions are an act of war, which means the USA is already making war against Iran, Russia and a host of other nations. Meanwhile, we are foisting cholera on children in Yemen, sabotaging the power grid in Venezuela, and still destabilizing Syria with terrorists paid by the Pentagon and the Mossad in the classic New World Order style — hiring an enemy and then sending our troops in to fight them, making it look like a real war no matter how many innocent civilians you have to kill.


John Miller said...

WHY are our 'elites' allow a tiny clique of Jews -0.3% of the worlds population- own, control OUR finances, media ??
WHY don't we the people "take care" of these treasonous bastards among us ?

zapoper said...

I suspect that the numbers are higher than that.

To answer your question John, not enough of us are aware of this shit.

A grand awakening ain't gonna happen when we have morons like you being angry at this situation all the time.

You seem to think that you are the only one seeing what is happening.

Is this arrogant behavior on your part or just you being a " Bon vivant " ?

I can anticipate your response and will say right away: FUCK OFF!

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Zap are you ok brother?

When I first learned about the bolshevik slaughter, WW2 truth, and 9/11 and current day stuff, I mean really LOOKED at the horrors, it affected me very badly for months. Anger and depression for real.

John Miller said...

hi Zap
don't worry,there will be a grand awakening... 300 million north-american multiculturals are standing by, the only problem is : We need more men with balls, men like YOU !!

Unknown said...

Agree with the article except for the racial bullshit. Maybe 'the Js' taught your ancestors to think that they were better than other races so they would do the work to go to those other countries and screw them over, and now you realize they have contempt for you too, as well as all other races