Monday, September 16, 2019

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2019.09.16

John Q. Publius on Weaponized Migration

John Q. Publius joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his "The Way Life Should Be?" series of articles. We talk about how the globalist establishment is using immigration to dismantle the West and undermine national sovereignty.

John's website is The Anatomically Correct Banana. He is also the host of The Cocktail Hour podcast.

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Henry said...

I wish Tim Kelly would drop his E Michael Jones crutch and stand on his own two feet.

John Miller said...

The always giggling Timothy, he has soo much fun talking about the problems we have,ha ha ha ha hi hi ha ha
yes, support the talking heads with a few shekels, they are going to save us...

Nate said...

B/S.. Tim Kelly & E Michael are pointing fingers and planting the seeds of Naming the Tribe! The World is Awakening, even the Ultra Generational Dumb Azz WHITE people are waking up if you believe that is possible. Lets be frank,, White People are Historically some DUMB Mother Fkers. Sure Whites Built everything, only to have it taken away from them..LOL Then they let 3rd world trash in there home land and are forced to feed them & watch the their Woman breed and pop out Mongrals that the Dumb Azz Whites will feed. Ha Ha Ha ha haha.