September 05, 2019

VA denied Ursula Haverbeck a pastor's visit

The requested visit of Bishop Williamson with Ursula Haverbeck in prison - for the purpose of confession! - was declined! Regardless of what one thinks of clergy (I'm not Christian) BUT: This is inhuman for me! Not even a chaplain of their confidence they can confess. This must be spread !!

Please forward it, not only to our friends !! The information came directly from the prison.

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Red Orchid said...

She must be in the Jewish part of the prison. Perhaps it's because she's in the Jewish part of Europe?

I doubt this fine lady has much to confess. Perhaps her faith is being tested and a visit from the truth-telling and logical Bishop Williamson would inspire Ursula with Logos.

Penance is normally three Hail Marys, or three Our Fathers


hail Logos, king of the Goyim, our faith is in thee. The rest is a work in progress