October 26, 2019

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye - Live! 2019.10.26

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in the Philippines.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The Fetch also has a second site called "Inside The Eye - Live!" 

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Zeebra said...

Dennis, are u into Qanon?

@ 1h 27m you went into the deaths of Eli Cummings, John McCain, & GHWB; and u said we're all but certain JM was executed (citing congressperps saying things about it), and whispers are Cummings & GHWB's deaths were same story - executions after secret mil tribunals. Later you spoke of the elite's black majick sorcery, & child abuse & sacrifice.

These 'rumors' are all Qanon fodder, but I don't think I've ever heard the Qanon phenom roll off your lips!

Zeebra said...

RE the CA PG&E shutdowns & disaster-capitalism Agenda2030 fires, this article's pretty comprehensive:

OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: Hard Evidence Proving Wildfires Started by Arsonists (Video)

Posted on October 25, 2019 by State of the Nation

New World Order Globalist Cabal Throws
More Fuel On The California Wildfires

Geoengineered California Firestorms Triggered by Deliberate Acts of Pyro-Terrorism


Dennis Fetcho said...

Hi Zeebra,

The black magic part of it all is more from my occult driven work a decade ago. There is little secret to many about the child trafficking, harvesting, etc. I have known of these things for decades...a girl who lived next to me growing up "disappeared" and so I have long had a side interest in the phenomena of missing children.

The OTO 9th Ritual, the full details "protected by copyright", is a virtual expose on child harvesting for black magic purposes. That Judaism is a child sacrificing religion one needs only go back to the story of Abraham who curries favor because he was willing to sacrifice his own child to Jehovah.

Regarding the executions. McCain most probably was, or he was retired in some other fashion. Heck. There is a video out there of alleging a made up Joan Rivers cavorting in Hollywood some 4 months after she was supposed to have died and AFTER a huge settlement was extorted from the hospital (investors).

Lots of strange stuff out there. Nothing is as it appears and NO - I do not follow Q-anon much and usually not at all. But the way in which the pall bearer refused to shake one's hand just struck me...so I commented.

Zeebra said...

^ ah thx. Parts of the rest of ur spiel sounded Q-ish too, like re a real hot war going on between factions of TPTB, & whether & how the public should be informed, as so many won't be able to accept/handle the full truth.

I've followed Qanon (qmap.pub for the uninitiated - no posts since 8/1 when 8chan was taken down for "being a dangerous indoctrination hub for FF/hoax-event patsies"), but always distrustful of where the zio/JP/JWO agenda falls in Q's "Plan" which followers are asked to blindly "trust." Trump's sycophantism towards izzy, & chabad cultists Jared/Ivanka in da house... none of it's been encouraging wrt "...the plan."

Whatever the reality behind Q, I still look forward to 8chan (to be resurrected as 8kun) getting back up, & subsequent Q drops... intriguing hobby, if nothing more.

Zeebra said...

That woman caller beginning at 1h 30-something mins reco's watching this woman's interview @ Victurus Libertas YT channel:

Exclusive MKUltra - SRA Survivor Jennifer Guskin - Full Interview Viewer Discretion Advised
55,519 views•Jul 31, 2018

jerry said...

Benjamin Fulford says the same thing as far as the executions are concerned. He charges $11 p/mo if you want to finish reading his
weekly articles. $11 seems like an odd amount ... $10, $15, or even $20 seems more typical. Just sayin'.

zapoper said...

I guess that $9 was not enough.

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Dennis I'm not sure about this idea of:

"they are secretly taking out the pedophile elites, but can't tell the American people because we would freak out. And because they are waging war against the pedophiles, I will let all of the Israeli stuff slide for now".

That is exactly the psyop that is being pushed, to get us to sit back and accept all of the nasty stuff that Trump and his nasty jew cabinet do, and wait and wait for the big moment to come, and it has been shockingly successful.

TheFetch said...

Hi Jacky -

America is a huge air craft carrier and to think anyone can turn the ship around easily is naive. Consequently, you really need to take your victories where they are and give support to those who wage a war on and for our behalf.

In the way of pedophile networks, child sacrifice, etc., We lose over 400K of our OWN children right here in America each and every year. A war on the elites on the home front as regards the trafficking of children, IF this is indeed what is going on (and it appears so based on arrest information), has to be seen as being in our American (home) interests.

On the Jewish front. These people are psychopaths and tyrants. It is becoming increasingly clear to more and more.

Israel as a Jewish construction is, quite frankly, unsustainable. Henrik Palmgren spoke well when he mentioned the simile of holding a ball under water. You can only do so by force and when that force fails all things return to their natural state.

No matter how hard Jews try to keep the ball under water, their efforts to do so drains their good will among everyone. It is a time game that we should obviously seek to accelerate.

The war on a pedophile elite will educate quite a few Americans in the security world about the real nature of Jewish hatred towards us and our children. Let that war (if it is indeed doing so) advance, and keep the pressure up on the education of the Jewish menace.

Jews have been shockingly successful for over 100 years. World War I, World War II (where they actually got to essentially genocide the German spirit), Vietnam, vaccines, the war on veterans through the VA, the drug war...wherever destructive forces are at work you will find Jews intimately involved...