October 22, 2019

Hillhairy Clintoon 2020?


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This song has, for-ever, epitomized one of my greatest attributes, and, much more importantly for you people with whom I have had very serious problems, especially you, Scorpio, one of my greatest detriments, and it is very clear, once you know the lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIWT8enKI4I

My desire for TRUTH, above-everything-else, has, often, blinded-me-to the consequences of my black-and-white "policy-of-truth", and, for that, and the real pain and trouble it has caused for many people, un-necessarily, I do apologize.

You people are NOT, nor have you ever been, the/my enemy, and I accept, fully, your proposal to let the past be, and stay in, the past, and let us, All, move-forward.


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Scorpio said...

Fair enough, Linds.
I wish you well in all aspects of life most sincerely.

Please keep in mind that I only speak for myself.
Please do your best not to piss of any other admins.
I am second or third banana to Zap.

With that said---

Scorpio said...

BTW, looks like she is planning to run.
I don't see any other reason why she would add a policy page
to her website, peppered with 'she will' do this or that...
Her voice...that cackle....the horror...the horror....

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This is real, People: https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@newtreehints/massage-for-children-the-liddle-kidz-foundation-and-house-representative-liddle-adam-schiff-of-california

Scorpio said...

I always thought he looked like some kind of degenerate pervert with those
beady little eyes.