November 10, 2019

A History of Central Banking Deanna Spingola w/ The Late Stephan Goodson- Oct 1, 2012 (Rewind)

Deanna Spingola and her guest Stephen Goodson, former Director of South African Reserve Bank discuss the History of the International Bankers and Central Banking, and their influence around the globe up to the present. This show aired October 1st, 2012 on RBN. This file is edited and commercial free.


Jew_ ron_im-o said...

Stephen Mitfud Goodson was a great source of knowledge,one of his books The history of central banking and the destruction of humanity" is a gem.
His reward was to be murdered whilst spending a night in hospital for a minor medical procedure. ".Swift "Justice" metered out to any that oppose the "Master Race"....criminal devils!!!!

Chains said...

Yeah you don't mess with the bankers who run this worldly machine and expect to live to a ripe old age. They came after him no doubt in my mind.

Lark said...

I called in to this broadcast because I wanted to make the point that people should own the money, not their construct called government. It's that simple. The government should be beholden to the people of a nation - not the other way around. The true wealth of a nation and that of its individual householders can only be properly measured when the nation's laws and its courts demand respect for each individual's privacy and their full ownership interests in real property - especially and including the fruits of one's labor... their land, their water, their air... and all other material resources within their control.

Americans at one time in their early history considered that they were "sovereigns without subjects." If an American wanted to succeed in life one need only recognize a power greater than him- or herself... observe the Golden Rule... along with his natural right to contract in trade and/or barter. The nation's representative government was charged with serving the exclusive interests of the people by respecting, first and foremost, their absolute right to own their own property - to include that which was contained inside one's own skin [AND that space between one's own ears!].

The idea that an artificial corporate entity not accountable to anyone [save itself] should own YOUR money [and thus exercise undue control over YOUR personal economy] is preposterous on its face. If what is called money only that which is intended to facilitate an honorable exchange in trade or barter has mere form but no substance, then it too is artificial - the glaring "illusion of money" that is guaranteed to keep you subservient... and in bondage.

J Peregrine said...

Posted by "abigsecret" =Wayne Prante on Internet Archive.

Does anyone in these circles ever hear any news about Prante??

He seems to have totally dropped off the radar.