November 03, 2019

EthnoState with Bill Johnson and Guests 2019.10.30

They just wanted a ride: Kenn Gividen, Paul Fromm and Karin Smith.


Sarah Perry said...

I didn't know until I heard comments of George HW after he died that he was responsible for the transfer of power in South Africa to the terrorist Mandela. Black rule over whites has devastated that beautiful country. Although Clinton was president at the time of takeover in 1994, it was George HW that had threatened the country militarily to get rid of a system that was working.

Sarah Perry said...

Affirmative action makes discrimination of Whites legal. The White race is the only group of people you can legally discriminate against. South Africa has more than 100 laws against Whites.

Chains said...

Nice Kaboose Zap!

Chains said...

When i lived in a Northern mining town back around 2004 there were 6 families that i knew of that moved into our town and the men worked at the mine. I searched the net and found that is quite hard for South Africans to emigrate to Canada.

"There are no easy ways, but I’ll rank the ways from quickest to slowest."

-If you have R8,700,000 ($800,000) cash you will be classified as financially independent and allowed permanent residency since it is assumed that you won’t cost the Canadian taxpayer anything to host.

-If you have R2,400,000 ($220,000) cash you can ‘buy’ your way in by donating it to the government. You’ll also need additional funds to completely sustain you for three years while you apply for citizenship.

-There are rare instances where you’ll be allowed entry if you are a cultural icon. World renowned poets, actors and artists are sometimes allowed entry if they’re willing to contribute to Canadian culture.

-Otherwise you’ll have to accrue the usual points based on your value as a contributor to the Canadian economy.

-South Africans are not allowed refugee status, so forget about that option.

This is crazy, but not surprising. Has something changed in the last 15 years in Canada?