November 15, 2019

Noel Ignatiev dies from literally being full of Shit Nov 9th

"Noel Ignatiev on whiteness extended"

"Noel Ignatiev, a jewish “scholar”who managed to become a professor at Yale without even having an undergraduate degree, and who made it his life’s work to abolish the White race, died at Banner-University Medical Center Tucson on Saturday, of an intestinal infarction, a life-threatening condition that literally causes you to become “full of your own shit”


zapoper said...

Hilarious. The comments at YT too. LOL

Chains said...

Poetic justice at its finest!

Max Smart said...

Another kike bites the dust!!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Clarence Darrow put it best: I have never killed a man but read some obituaries with great pleasure.

I posted this with a few other comments at Twitter and was locked out within minutes. Apparently some folks really are sad this creature is gone.

Brizer said...

Noel Ignatiev obviously hated white people but he never put a gun to our heads. White people consented to his bullshit and more jew bullshit and look where we are now. A very small percentage are awake but a lot of white men have become more like women or have turned faggot while many white women have become militant butch lesbians and then there is another percentage of the undecided who won't question so-called authority but will gladly spend their time questioning their genders instead.
Let us all take a good long hard look in the mirror, acknowledge we fucked up by consenting to this sick system, kick ourselves in the arses and let's sort this shit out for once and for all.
The time for pointing fingers and complaining is over. It's up to us!
Feckin jews LOL

zapoper said...

You're blaming the victims Brizer.

Chains said...

Yeah its hard not be angry and we are a having a real hard time organizing, no? Have you tried talking to your neighbor? Have you tried pamphleteering? This assault we are experiencing is Bernasian mind fuck version __? I used to feel optimistic that there was an awakening coming. I had my own awakening in 2006 while watching "The View" with my ex one morning. here is the
the episode that changed my worldview and sent me down many rabbit holes from then until now.

Its hard not to have disdain for people that just cant seem to snap out of their fantasy. Even then within so called "woke" groups fantasy or lack of decernment still exists and it is relative in a "compared to what" kinda way,If you know what i mean :) . Its hard to admit that your are helpless and on runaway train. I think it might have to smash and then see what we have to work with if the so called woke don't get taken to the gulag or worse. Dot connecting is not most peoples idea of a good time. Even though Winston Churchill was a scumbag I agree with his sumation of most people that went 'Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."