Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.11.04

Brizer's guest: Lark in Texas

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NB: I was not able to isolate the static in order to remove it because it was mostly occurring while Brizer was talking.


Chainsawmillerman said...

Good show Brizer. You were mentioning the acronyms and general decline in writing. My kids have grown up with social media and texting and they all use that same lazy text style. I think it has evolved into a new language just as the elites had planned. They are not big into reading book either.

Albert said...

"I Reserve All-Rights."
"Am I Free-to-Go.(?)" ...
(Starts walking away...)

It is relatively easy to Understand: that the Cops etc are Not your "Friends" ...

But Bare-in-Mind that the "Medical-Profession" (Burn Cut Poison -- "Patent-Drugs" - [Rockefeller] Allopathy)
Also have (((their))) Whole Environment "Weaponised", Trick Words, coercive Sales-routines + bluffs, and "Standard-Medical-Procedures"!
(And of course CROOK "pricing" - Especially Chemo-Kickbacks! ;-)

BeLIEve it or NOT: A ((("doctor"))) can Inject you, and you DROP-DEAD on the spot ...
-- And it is NOT "Malpractice" (by (((their)))-Definition!) -- "BECAUSE" (((he))) was "only" "Following standard medical procedure"!
(Whereas a Natural Herbal CURE, would, by (((their)))-definition Be: "Quackery"!)

Two TRICK "facts":
• 50% of ALL "Healthcare" Spending is Spent in the Last two-weeks before a Patient's DEATH!
(Decoded: (((they))) KILL you - THEN (((they))) [shamelessly] "Bill"-You! ;-)
• (((doctors))) are the Number-3 CAUSE of DEATH ...
(Of course THAT is WHAT (((they))) SAY! -- Most-Likely (((they))) are the Number-1 CAUSE of DEATH!)

Q: What is the Number-ONE Priority of ALL Hospitals?
A: Getting-Rid of the BODIES! ...
-- The very LAST Cause-of-Death Determination is MALPRACTICE!
(Like Clinton Friends' "Suicides" even after TWO gunshots-to-the-back-of-the-Head + NO-Blood ...
-- In (((their)))-EYES / Determination: "Natural-Causes" "Age-Related-Complications" etc., cover MOST ALL DEATHS - whereas "Malpractice" almost NONE!)

Better MAKE-SURE that YOU ONLY Eat fresh Fruits + Vegetables + Butter, and WALKING-Excercise!
-- And STAY the-HELL AWAY from ((("doctors"))) ("Medical Professionals") !!!

-- Years ago, when Obongo-etc were Talking of "FREE" Government "Healthcare"
I TRIED "Reasoning" with Folks: "Do you REALLY BeLIEve that You "WANT": a Government which is OBLIGED to PAY-You: 30-YEARS of Retirement-Benefits ... to ALSO Be In-CHARGE of "Giving" You "FREE" "Medical-Care"?!"
-- "Do You REALLY Expect the-Government to SPEND $Millions on Keeping-You-ALIVE ... so that "they" will THEN: Also Be Obliged to PAY-You 30 YEARS (more $Millions!) of Retirement-Benefits?!" ;-)
(Obviously, ONCE Government Controls BOTH: The "Rules" will RESULT in You QUICKLY "Passing-Away" - almost as SOON as You RETIRE! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

zapoper said...

The AntiCommunitarian Manifesto ..

Panzerfaust said...

This is a must listen. In fact a must save.