November 29, 2019

Where Did the Missing Trillions Go? - Catherine Austin Fitts on The Corb...

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Nona said...

And maybe there WASN"T any trillion, but that it's what the Feds/Elite are telling We, THE People.

Because, let's face it, there couldn't be a trillion $'s ( but that, we assume US$s) on this planet....not materially,but only in computers.

So, THEY, the Feds, obviously, think we're stupid "peasants" that can't think.
The Elite are laughing about in their private, private clubs, patting each other on the back, about how they put one over on us, while they sip Scotch, and smoke pimported (oops, typed in a "p" by error, but it fits) Cuban cigars.

Trillions? NO such thing