December 30, 2019

Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: Betrayal - Part 1 of 4

An inspiring story of what it means to have testicles :)

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Nona said...

Testicles?!!! Heheheheh!

You mean ovaries!

There were Women Warriors in Old Europe, you know!

In Ancient North Africa and the Middle East, BEFORE the 3 major religions took over!

Chains said...

LOL you might be right!!! Apparently they (the she-wolves of old) were know to be able to watch testicles being cut off and burnt and entrails being pulled out followed by a good old fashioned beheading, whilst enjoying a fresh plum or two! Thank god they were and are, an anomaly...I think?

Nona said...

We're talking about brave, heroes that fought for their Tribe and People, both men and women, against all odds, against all invaders.

In those times you talk about, the women that supposedly, cut off organs and testicles, did it to those men, that would have done the same to them, if they had had a chance. And men, did commit horrors to women...usually, the attackers raped the women and little girls first, THEN did what was horrors to the dead bodies.

In fact, xtian men did it /still do it, the Allies (WWII) in Germany, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Bill Aust said...

A bit like hilary

Ross from Scotland said...

Wonder why they skipped over the reign of Edward 1st, lol.

Chains said...

Yeah between his heavy taxation of the jews followed by kicking them out of the country and unsuccessfully going up against Scotland and Wales its no wonder. You can always watch Braveheart though! :)