December 27, 2019



Albert said...

Wow !!!

I WATCHED ALL Five Videos !!!

I was sorely-TEMPTED to post-a-comment-on-renegade to Tell: Kyle to Watch THIS-Longest-One!

And Learn How: BOTH: "Pagans" and those-who-Call-themselves-"Christians" are Debtors!

Paul-English says: The Bible is a Law Book!
And, of course Brizer and Graham say: "I Reserve ALL Rights!"

This Guy, on maybe the second short video, Said: That IF you Read the Bible, and Replace "God" with "Contract" you GET a very different Understanding!

We SEEM to BE tiny Temporal-Beings ... But Watching These 5-Videos End-to-End was a Very STRANGE Experience ...
One can Almost FEEL the Whole-SPAN of Our: Taking-Up, "Eating-the-Fruits-of-Becoming-a-Debtor", and thus "Contracting" with the Serpent!

We have ALL SEEN how: Slimy, Snakelike, LAWYER-Like are the jews !!!
(And the (((devil))) with (((his))) Con-tract to FOOLISHLY: Sign-AWAY Our Soul to (((him))) !!!)

-> Mankind, after 14 years of (((state-schooling and TV))) Truly ARE Like without-agency-ignorant-CHILDREN ... and jews the Gingerbread-House (((witch))) !!!

Wow !!! -- Very Very Thought-Provoking -- and Vision-inducing Stuff !!!

-- THANKS for POSTING this Mami-Guys !!! :-)

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

Albert said...

The Legal-Term: "includes" is a "Doozey" !!!

"Birth" "includes" Still-Birth !!! ;-)

For our entire-Lives the (((TV))) (like (((george-carlin)))!) has HAD us LAUGHING at the: "ignorant" "illiterate" "stupid" "NPC" "plebes" "little-people" "goyim" "cattle" "sheep" !!! -- When THAT was US !!! :-(

The HATER-of-Man-Kind: is Like a School-BULLY ... and WE are like God's Beautiful Adorable Children !!!

-- The (((bullies))) have been "bewitching" us with (((their))) "clever" "word-jugglery" "SPELLS" "Sorcery" !!!

(As you may have already noticed: I am Very Intrigued at How: The "Tartarian" / "Mud-Flood" BUILDING-Physical-Remains SHOW-us: That, NOT so Long Ago: The Saintly-Kings were Literally: "Head-and-Shoulders" ABOVE the short-lived masses !!!)

(((school-bullies))) "start-something" on-the-other-side-of-the-school-from-the-TEACHERS'-Lunch-Room ...
--> It REALLY Would Be NICE: IF the TEACHERS WILL come-Back SOON ... And FREE us from the Torment of being-at: the (((bullies'))) "mercy" !!!

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

Liam said...
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KnownUnknown said...

In the beginning was the word and word was contract?

Sorry Al but that theory falls apart on the first sentence of the first paragraph of the first page....

Alan said...
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Alan said...

If you don't know God then you don't know yourself or your purpose for existing. As a species, and especially as a race, we are so lost because we have become detached from our Creator and we have no idea what we're doing here. I don't know if Paul English said it, but in my opinion the Bible is, in part, a Law book. The Law being a natural phenomenon created by God, our understanding of which being inextricably connected with the quality of our experience here and the quality of the outcomes of our actions. "Testament", and not "God", would be better translated as "contract" imo.

KnownUnknown said...

Testament is not contract because there is no meeting of the minds, there is no consideration and there are no terms. If its a contract who is the judge to appeal to, the very entity you contracted with?

Don't know what we're doing indeed...

Liam said...

Agreed KnownUnknown no agreement, no contract.
No need for a judge with an agreement.
Testament presents as evidence, often lacking a second witness so therefore potentially inadmissible.

Speak for yourself, Alan, RE: "lost because we have become detached from our Creator"

Albert said...

Well, after Sleeping-on-it (and having Amazing Dreams!) I can IMAGINE quite a Different "Take"! ;-)

> Creation (Good) Versus Destruction (Bad) !!!

When I was small, I Heard of Parents with Lots-of-Children in India: Deliberately-Severely-CRIPPLING one-child: so that He can FAR-more-"Effectively" BEG for Money to Support-the-whole-Family!

Jan-Lamprecht has Made many Amazing-Talks Videos, and He Pointed-Out: That jews Always AIM for the TOP-Positions!

In my Dream I Visualised the "EASE" of the "Quick-Method" of LIES/Cheating !!! And How, indeed, in a World of Liars and Cheats ... Working-HARD for Honest-Gains ... is a "suckers" Game! ("Bad-"Money" Drives-AWAY Good!")

A Great-Uncle once Described how: Normal-Folks Tell small "white-Lies" and CANNOT even IMAGINE having the "Gaul" (((chutzpah))) to Tell HUGE-Audacious-EVIL-Lies !!!

--> When you SEE: Generations of LOVING-Parents: Great-Grand-Parents--Grand-Parents--Parents--Children--Grand-Children ... And Their Generous-Loving-"Sacrificing" to Step-by-Step: Raise-UP Their Personified-LOVE! -- You Can-HARDLY Imagine the DEPTHS of the Vicious-Intent: of the DESTRUCTIVE-LYING-"Vampire-like"-(((parasites))) !!! ---- (School)-"Bullies" are indeed VERY "Broken"! (Like: Mr Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life"!)

Liam's "Rebuttal" with 2000 Years etc Ass-u-me-s quite a Lot, which I -- LOOKING at: the "Mud-Flood" TANGIBLE-Monumental-Architecture REMAINS -- Do-NOT! ;-)

Yes! We CANNOT Truly even IMAGINE (The VISAGE of) a CREATOR POWERFUL-Enough to CREATE Our (Christmas-Snow-Globe Like) Domed-Flat-Earth! ...
BUT, it IS Indeed Quite UNDERSTANDABLE to SEE: How There WERE, until VERY-Recently: VISIBLE-to-us: GIANT TRUE-"Men" !!! (TRULY FREE MEN !!!)
-- They Continued-to-Grow + Get-Bigger+BETTER: By Eating "Ambrosia" / "Amrita" / "Food-of-the-"Gods" / "Nectar-of-IM-MORTALITY" !!!
And Could "Psychically" KNOW: Our True HEARTS'-Intent! (Exactly LIKE: Santa KNOWING IF: We are Good or Bad!)
(THIS: Giant-"Gods"/Kings is Exactly WHAT: Sumerian-Histories DEPICT!)

Albert said...

We have Heard, in "Fairy-Tales" that Some Terrifying Giants ATE Tiny-"Humans" !!!

--> A LARGE DIFFERENCE Between Powerful-Generous-CREATORS, and Truly-CRUEL-DESTRUCTIVE-Usurper/Usury-((("parasites"))) ... is INTENT !!! (Judge by Fruits!)
A Truly-KIND Parent: "Gardens" "Husbands" His GROWING-Descendants, and Step-by-Step: Raises Them UP to INHERIT His GREAT + Growing Legacy !!! :-)

A "Dog" is like a "Domesticated" Wolf! -- Where the Human-Master is the Alpha, and the Dog is TRAINED to Protect & Serve the Family!
"Animal-Husbandry": The less-than-perfect Off-Spring are NOT-Allowed to Reproduce, and the Very-Best-TRAITED of the Group ARE Bred!
--> Thus Each Creature is BORN with a Good-Strong-Body: A German-Shepard, Golden-Labrador etc, and NOT an almost-legless: "Sausage-dog" or "Corgi" !!! ;-)

PERHAPS: Even GOOD KIND-Generous Ruling-Giant-"Gods"/Kings (SENSING "Weakness" Cowardice FEAR-from-Wrong-doing Pettiness Greed!) DID indeed even EAT: the Evil "Humans" !!! ;-)
-- They Seemed to Have a Policy maybe: of RAISING-UP: the GOOD-(Loyal/Honest/Faithful)-tiny-"Humans": on the "Ambrosia" program! -- Maybe THIS was the DOWNFALL!
(WE "humans" STOP-Growing and quite-soon Decline! -- Whereas: Eating-from-the-Tree of LIFE we can CONTINUE to GROW!)
(jews Seem to "Embody" this "clever" REBELLIOUS-idea: and "Teach"/"Train": to REBEL-Against / Rise-Up-Against: Their Lawful-True-Good-Generous-"Santa-like"-Upstanding-"God-Kings"!

Albert said...

Anyway, the Hierarchy in the Video of the: GOD-Bequeathed "MAN": adopting the "Vatican"-with-the-Debtor-"Humans" ...
WE are MADE (Like "worker" Bees / Termites etc!) to BE LIKE: Crippled/Stunted/LIMITED SUB-SET(Features-Turned-OFF) Beings !!!
-- FROM the Giant-Truly-FREE-Real-"God"-MEN! ---- Who WERE indeed Truly: "Head-and-Shoulders" ABOVE ALL-Others! -- SIZE-MATTERS !!! ;-)

--> as "Humans" we ARE indeed BORN-(Made) with "Original-Sin" (Made from the Tree-of-DEATH)!!!
> To BE "useful" (NOT "fully Human") Debtor "worker" SERVANTS ("Gardeners"): to "Gods"/True-Men/Giant-Rulers !!! :-)

The Old-Testament, with its "Cruel" EXTERMINATION: Of Contaminated-Adulterated-Beings, with the "Israelites" Being Good-Generous-Godly-WHITE-Descendants-of-Adam, Makes SOME Sense!
--> But Obviously Disgusting Detestable (Oy vey! By-"LAW" You are NOT even "Allowed" to HATE us Now - Goyim!) jews have WRONGLY/FALSLY Ass-u-me-d: The PLACE: Of the Godly-Inheritors !!! ...
-- And thus, Clear to ALL Now!, the World has RAPIDLY: "Gone-to-the-(((dogs)))" DECLINED / Become-Sadly-more-Petty-Corrupt: Over just the Last COUPLE of Centuries! :-(
(The KILL-the-BEST-of-the-"Goyim" "First" and "Second" World "Wars" ... Have indeed "enabled" (((them))) to Possibly "Suck-seed" in (((their))) Deranged-DESTRUCTIVE "World-Conquering" Evil Schemes! :-(

Obviously: the "Free Mason-ry"-Club is a Corrupt "Buddies" Con-man Training and "Progressively"-Graduating: Organised-CRIME Gang! And jews have OBVIOUSLY TAKEN ALL of the very-TOP positions by-Now !!!
-- It would SEEM: That the NEW (After the 200-400 Years ago "Mud-Flood") Impesonator (with FAKE Peerage His-Stories!): "Lords"-of-Great-Estates with "Tax-Paying-Serfs": ORIGINAL "Secret" / GREAT-LIE: was that: They had RE-WRITTEN: The TRUE His-Stories to REMOVE: the True-GOOD-GIANT-Rulers ... to "cleverly" USURP:
THEIR World Empire: The Lands, the GREAT-"Monumental-Architecture" (Hence: "FREE Found-Claimed-Buildings-Mason/("robber-baron")-Mansions"!) ...
(Australia, New Zealand, WEST-of-the-Mississippi USA etc. are ONLY 200 Years ... Yet there ARE MANY GREAT-"Monumental"-Buildings Therein FAR FAR Older than THAT!)
... AND the "Voluntary": "Loyalty" ALLEGIANCE WORK: of the tiny DELUDED: "humans" "ignore-Ant" Common-People !!! ;-)

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

KnownUnknown said...

Not really sure what you are getting at there but the way I see the two groups of people who 100% believe the Bible is Law are Jews and Muslims. Christianity molded by Romans doesn't because they already had laws.

KnownUnknown said...

BTW Albert "Head and shoulders above others" isn't to do with size, it's to do with busts. Important people have busts made often featuring just the head and shoulders...

Chains said...

KnownUnknown said - Maxim in law "If it is not included, it is excluded"

Pg 906 Blacks law 4th ed

Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius - The inclusion of one is the exclusion of another. The certain designation of one person is an absolute exclusion of all others. 11 Coke,58b;

"Did Paul-English says: "The Bible is a Law Book!"?
Or did he laugh when Brizer said it?
Paul-English says: "Know the truth and the truth will set you free"
This is typical slave's speak / religion NON-SENSE.
One needs to ACT, "knowing" does not make anyone free."

Well, if you have a wife and kids you better "know" before you "act".I maintain this stuff is potentially very dangerous and tends to make a "normal life" abnormal. Knowing this in many ways does set you free because it will usually make you aware of the beast system you are a part of. For me i have stopped chasing material items. That was very freeing.

Most of the contracts we enter into are tacit agreements and it is well within your rights to volunteer to be a slave. Was full disclosure omitted? It often seems that way to me too. However it may well be its more like we are ignorant of law?

There is much to know I have seen just about every Guru i have followed, either lose major assets or go to prison. My advice to anyone just getting into these concepts is tread carefully. Do not race out and "act" because acting like you know can be a big mistake :)
Play in traffic court if you want to experiment.

There is no question this stuff is true but it would be better to share it with others in the most humble way possible. The more people that get this stuff the more chance we can act together in possibly a class action manner. I have a feeling we might have more luck that way. I must admit I don't know how the procedure would work for a such a scenario.

I have owned 2 businesses in my life and must also admit that if you are a wage slave you will have very limited success. You really need to be self employed. The interesting thing is the self employed always have access to the most benefits within the tax game. They are often content to stay in that "playground"

Alan said...
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Alan said...

Of course God is the judge. God is not a man so necessarily a contract between God and his Creation would be different than that between two men. If you don't think that fits the definition of a contract, then that's fine, but whether we like it or not, whether we agree to it or not, we are bound by His Law and, if disobeyed, His consequences.

KnownUnknown said...

I don't buy any of that. That sentiment is basically what the Jews have been saying since Adam - "oy vey if only that c#nt didn't talk into breaking my contract with G-d we'd still be in Eden"

Spare me.

Alan said...

The Synagogue of Satan fake Jews you mean?

Alan said...

This is just about the laws of the universe. We don't get to decide which laws apply to us and which don't. We might have lots of better ideas about what SHOULD happen if we walk out of a 100-storey building, but regardless of what we think, we're going to hit the pavement with a splat. We didn't agree with the law. We didn't consent to it. We might not understand it. We are just subject to it.

KnownUnknown said...

Not with a parachute or any other number of devices. At any rate as far as I can tell managing those consequences was the result of Natural Philosophy not Cannon Law so I'm still not seeing a connection to a Law that resembles contracts.

As for the Synagog of Satan, could be any Synagog what difference does it make? It's still story...

Albert said...
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Albert said...

Escaping From a ((("kidnapper"))) ... is a Good idea !!!

MURDERING Your PARENTS (because a ((("friend"))) con-vinced You that This-Years Christmas-Present "wasn't Good Enough!") ... Quite the Opposite !!!

A (School)-"Bully" gangs-Up on You at lunch-time (or After School!) FAR from the Teachers'-Lunch-Room ...

Some "RETARDED"-Kid Laughs and "Con-fidently" Proclaims: "The Teachers are NEVER Coming-Back!" ;-)

Yes! Obviously the "FREE Mason-ry" "Secret-Society"-Gang "FOUND" Their ("Abandoned"/"Ownerless"): Great-Estates (Versailles etc.) and "Robber-Baron"-Giant-MANSIONS ...

AND the Terrible-Catastrophe which the "clever"-(((agitators))) seem to have Provoked of "Disgruntled"-"ill-treated"-Factions: "Initiating"-and-thus-DESTROYING: The GREAT World-Wide True-CIVILISATION-Meritocracy: Where the Greatest-OLDEST-Bravest-Most-Loyal+Intelligent SAINTLY-GIANT-KINGS: Kindly Generously-RULED: Like Beneficent-Wise ("What do You WANT, Child?") Great-Great-GREAT-Grand-Fathers ...
HAS these GREAT-MEN, Presently: "Invisible" to us! (Who could "BLAME" them for Being-Weary of Such UN-Grateful-Insane-"Little-Shit-Terrors"!)
("Golem"/Rogue-"AI" -- WE (it would Seem) are the "Worker/Servant"-"Helper"-Creation: which was foolishly (((con-vinced))) to DESTRUCTIVELY-"Rebel"!)

UN-DOUBTEDLY we Have "Muses" etc. when we Wonderfully Create Great-Music, and Beautiful Wonderful Things! (We "Download" and Manifest-imperfect facsimiles: FROM the "Etherial" "Platonic-Forms" ("Internet-3-D-Printer Designs") "Akashic-Records" ...
And "Drunks" and "Drug-Users" DO-indeed Become POSSESSED by Low-"Spirits"/Beings!

LIKE a "Chess-Game": Where "Pawns" etc are MOVED: By Giant-Players ...
WE are FIGHTING on the SIDE of GOOD, or EVIL !!!

The GOOD Friendly-KIND Giants, Still SEE us as "Intrinsically-Beautiful-Good"-"Children", who were Terribly-MIS-LEAD/Deluded! ...

The EVIL "Players" Now OBVIOUSLY: HATE and DESPISE us: And Take Cruel-"Glee" in ("I can PAY Half the Masses to MURDER the Other Half!") "Reduce-to-Absurdity" Ridiculing and (((manipulating))): such Foolishly-"Proud" effective: Ignorant-"RETARDS": Into DESTROYING-Themselves: "Embracing" ever-MORE: Self and WORLD Destructive: "Life-Styles" (DEATH-Paths!) until (THEIR Cruel-INTENT!) the Truly-GOOD+Loving Kind-PARENT-Like-Creators ... are "Forced"-Embarrassedly to Finally-Concede: That what is LEFT of THEIR-Wonderful-Creation is NOW: "Irredeemable/UN-Salvageable -- Disgusting, and NEEDING to BE: "Put-Down" !!!

In this LIFE this World IS a "Learning-Environment" of MIXED: Good and Bad "associations" ...
After DEATH we are (Self?)-Sorted: "Birds of a Feather 'flock' Together!" !!! :-)

and, Yes! -- "Chess-Pieces" are NOT of-course the BIG "Players" !!! (And cannot "invent" "New"-Rules!)
(Men cannot be Women and vice-versa. Blacks cannot be Whites. Pawns cannot be Kings/Queens!)

(I "Identify" as a "Genius" !!! -- LOL !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

KnownUnknown said...

Pawns can be Queens....

Albert said...

"Anyone in-America, CAN be President!" ;-) LOL

I thought that That might "trick" You into "Agreeing" with ME! ;-)

> It SEEMS that the Giants did PUT some Good Loyal "Sacrificing" "humans" ON the Ambrosia program ...
And, thus, Un-Like How: WE Stop-Growing in Youth, and begin to Dwindle in "Old-Age" ...
These "chosen" "humans" would ALSO CONTINUE-to-Grow ...

But, of-course: IF Your Mother + Father were Giants Living on the Elixire -of-IM-Mortality ...
EVEN-Within-the-Womb: You would have GROWN/Begun-Growing: FAR FAR Larger than tiny "humans" Ever Could!

🌝 🌚 🌞

My Dad called me "non-english-term", which Means: "Stubborn" ("Willful") "Other-wise" "Stubbornly-thinking-MY-way-is-Best" !!!

-- I notice, and don't-dislike: how YOU are Similar, in that way! ;-)