December 12, 2019

Jud Süß aka "Süss the Jew" (1940, English Subs) (UPDATE)

DVDR NTSC Region 0 - Jud Suss.ISO 4.21GB
Historical Drama(1940) B/W Black & White
Running time 98 minutes
Aspect Ratio 4:3

German / Deutsch

Italian / Italiano
Hungarian / Magyar
French / Francais
Russian / Russkij
Spanish / Espanol
Polish / Polski
Croatian / Hrvatski
Portuguese / Portugues
The other magnet was downloading a poor quality file 


scottydog said...
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Nona said...

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Nona said...


The jews were sneaky in that they lent money (for war) to the greedy Self-proclaimed Lords /Rulers, so that these, eventually, got control of the Rulers, which exempted jews from all the taxes, and abuse and repressions visited on the "peasants (formerly, free warriors of European Tribes). And eventually, appointed the jews, as taxes and their Advisors.

Disraeli wrote that in Poland, in the 1700s (the time jews spread out over Eastern European-Poland. Russia), "jewish merchants, those wealthy, used to see how the Rulers, whipped and starved and abused the Polish peasants, and then the jews would shudder, and give thanks that they were not peasants."