December 29, 2019

Lamentation for the Gods we left behind

Published by John Kaminski: Sunday, 29 December 2019 10:44

An essay in defense
of the creator of the universe

It is the mutual understanding of God across geographic
and cultural differences that is the key to world peace,
and not the enslavement of everyone by Big Capital.

The sociopaths are in power; they always have been. Judaism is the religion of sociopaths; it might be fair to say sociopathy is the religion of the Jews.

Judaism is the parent religion. It is the timeless creed of robbers and killers, that nothing is really real except the loot. And when you call it sacred, you can get away with anything. Christianity and Islam are only two of the Jews’ ruthless bastard children.

From the dawn of recorded history this one small group has never had a land it could call its own. Old Testament Judah was really the invaded Nile delta, full of pawnbrokers and drug dealers. These terminally skewed inbred imposter humans have plagued all major civilizations with their curséd coin-clipping schemes that have undermined all attempts at morality conducted throughout the entire history of the human species.


Jew_ ron_im-o said...

John out does himself with every new observation.His perception,penetration of the entity becomes clearer focus always sharpening.Great article!

Red Orchid said...

If John Kaminski continues to write on spiritual matters and about a God that is good he will earn himself (if he is not already there) the high distinction of being a very fine faithful and discreet slave.

The Vortex: The Homosexual Papacy
"When God is eliminated from the equation, we are no longer human.
We are only preprogrammed protoplasm conducting the evil business of our controllers, who have captured our minds with fairy tales, whetted our appetites with ultimately self-destructive habits, and shattered our families with demonstrably false promises that denature our children and murder our principled adults".