January 25, 2020



Albert said...

((("Naaatseees))) ?!?

Just LIKE: many Folks SAY: that the "OK" sign etc. are "shout-outs" to the (((powers-that-should-NOT-Be))) that THEY are also "in the club"...

ARE: the "stock-phrases": "Naaatseees" "chi-coms" "giggle-giggle-giggle" a sort of "CODE": LAUGHING at US ??? !!!
-- Saying: "I've ALREADY "disclosed": to YOU ... that YOU should-NOT "Trust" WHAT-I-am-Saying ..."

"... So: IF you CONTINUE to Listen, and "BeLIEve" and "con-sent" ... the CON-sequences are to-be-BLAMED/REST Upon-YOU !!!" ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Liam said...

Thanks mate! It was those Swiss bankers and the whole of Europe was destroyed like Dresden and other German cities. Entertainment indeed.