January 19, 2020

Martinez Perspective 2020.01.18

Martinez Perspective: Discussion With Self-Hating Jew About Jews & E-Grifters

On this January 18, 2019 edition of the Martinez Perspective I spoke with the red-pilled self-hating Jew, Jesse B.
Topics covered:
  • the racial double standards of Jews (Israel for jews, white countries for everyone)
  • the Kalergi plan of Jews to wipe out the Caucasian racial group
  • the fraud of the “anti-war” & “anti-Zionist” movement who shill for any government not aligned with the USA/West
  • the incoherent arguments of nutty Nazbol types who love Jews and Moslems who are aligned with Russia/Putin but hate the ones aligned with the US/West




. said...

Quick question: why did "the authorities" in Canada not go after Brandon Martinez, AKA, "ZionCrimeFactory", when his identity was revealed, and he wrote several essays that were, on-their-faces, violations-of-Canadian-law, and should/would have resulted in his prosecution?

I find that to be a question that NO ONE has ever asked, and, certainly, has never been answered...

Liam said...

@ said... Easy, no complaint, no potential crime? Or complicit and wanting what he says "out there". There is no information war when it is all controlled.

Alan said...

They might not have wanted him to get any more publicity / credibility than he already has?

Fakk said...

Maybe cops in Canada did go after Martinez, he left for Spain 2 years ago or more. He's says one parent is Czechoslovakian ancestry, the other a family from Spain.

Any one may have traces of heeb blood, even more likely if ancestry originates from Poland, other Baltic countries, Russia, Holland, France or Spain.