January 08, 2020

MH-17: In Search of Truth


coincidenceskeptic said...

So, I'm watching a CNN clip with Anderson Cooper airing the MH-17 "crash" video - which consisted of a long distance shot of a small wooden building in the middle of nowhere - camera pans up, then down again at the building and a second later, the building appears to blow up - for no apparent reason. Close up on Cooper with that "What The Fuck!" look. The box full of expired passports finished this hoax off. Dragging Poo-in and the Russians in for a cameo cinched up any loose ended ideas I may have still considered about the $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax. Poo-in knew there was no plane, but he played along and stayed in character.

spoonful said...

It wasn't a BUK missile - it was a pair of SU-25's - those were bullet holes in the fuselage, not BUK holes - more bullshit