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The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.01.06

Brizer's guest: Max Igan (Australian fires etc)

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Albert said...

I remember Years-Ago: When Richard-C-Hoagland "Scientifically" Stated that a HUGE Cloud-of-Methane-Gas, from the Gulf-Oil-Spills would Invisibly-Envelop and instantly-Kill MILLIONS of Americans! -- on Coast-to-Coast! ;-)

Why, just a few days ago Jim "predicted" 100,000,000 American-DEAD ... when "nukes" DON'T even EXIST! ;-)

I Love YOU Brizer :-) ...

But Max Obnoxiously and WORSE - INSISTED that: (((they))) had actually Piled-Up: REAL-Dead-People in the corners of the Mosque for the Christchurch FAKE-Shooting !!! ;-)

I strongly-DOUBT that ANYONE would actually be ASKING Max to LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR Them! ;-)

-- His weird Manipulative-way of "speaking" is more NLP than MOST Take-Everything-You-HAVE-"Cults"! ;-)

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

zapoper said...

Jim didn't predict anything. He's just repeating the numbers that have been spread around from this site and seems to believe them:

Those numbers don't look good for many countries. Jim is theorizing on what would explain the drastic drop in population in only five years. Particularly in the USA.

No nukes needed.

From the site: "It is already said that this website is non-profit, built on spare time and we provide our information and services AS IS without further explanations and/or guarantees. We are not linked to any government in any way, shape or form. We are not a death or satanic cult or arms dealers as some BS is floating around the internet on this topic. Take into account that the forecast is nothing more than a model whether flawed or correct. It is not God's word or a magic device that allows to foresee the future."

Brizer said...

@Albert.I'm not sure about Christchurch being a hoax because I wasn't there. I have no proof. You are very adamant it was a hoax. If so, please tell us all when you were there and witnessed said hoax. In otherwords, please document and verify.

Otherwise it's (((HEARSAY))) which will not hold up in any court, even a common law court. Max just gave his opinion. He could be wrong, he could be right. Either way I won't be losing too much sleep over it. Too many more important issues to be dealing with here as in the genocide and replacement of my people.

I love you too man but I never met you or really know in the meantime I reserve all rights LOL

Zeebra said...

@MaxIgan posted his 5th mini-docu vid re AU's #Agenda2030Fires last night; find all at his YT channel,

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

To chime in on the Christchurch Shooting issue:

The government says "A white supremacist shot up a mosque! Just like those other white supremacists who shot up those synagogues! Turn in your guns goyim. And also hand over your rights. Here comes the New Zealand version of the Patriot Act."

That is the hearsay part. They provide "proof" of the event which is a retardedly faked video. It doesn't hold water like real documented atrocities, Israelis killing Palestinians and other such horrors. The way that people in our circles analyse that video, especially people who have been around for so long, is a sign of their critical thinking skills, and possibly of their honesty.

But sure, Max could have gotten it wrong. Maybe he was emotionally affected. He understands part of the hard to swallow blackpill, which is that they will indeed do terrible things if they need to. Like 9/11.

Just like Graham and Brizer teach us that they can't touch us without our consent, and that they need to trick us into going along with their "laws", New Zealand is trying to trick it's people into turning in their guns. Nobody shot up that Mosque.

The way he debated the video with Jim Fetzer and defended the event as real, however, turned a lot of people off him, and showed real blindness or critical thinking issues on his part. But I don't hold this opinion against his body of work.

Albert said...

My ONLY-Priority is (((White-Genocide))) !!!

In "WWII" (and in "WWI" -- but at-least Afterwards: the ALL-LIES had the "decency" to Admit that it WAS ALL-Filthy-LIES!) ALL White-Folks were (((told))) a: "The Ebil Naaatseees, who SEEK to Take-Over-the-World, "STARTED"-it, and we MUST Now ALL: Stop the-Ebil-German's Terrible-Plans!" Pack-of-Shit! -- And the German-People's SIDE: PRE-"Conflict"-TRUTH "Context" was ... "cleverly" "OMITTED"! :-(

Since then, in an escalating-way: (((movies/TV))) have brought-Out more and more Emotionally-Manipulating/Moving: Presentations, which Like the Saying: "jews will Describe "what"-(in-(((their)))-Minds!) was Done-TO-(((them))) ... but NEVER WHY!"
Often "cleverly" MAKE the "viewer" SYMPATHISE/Identify/Root-For: the Degraded-Wrong-Side!
-- Imagine a (((movie))) which "Starts": With an 'evil' White-man Shooting-DEAD 10 "Muslims"/"Blacks" etc. -- When, BEFORE THAT: They had Invaded and Brutally BRUTALLY MURDERED: His WHOLE-Family/Town etc! (And the TRUTH of THAT is NEVER Honestly SHOWN!)

I Do-NOT "watch" ANY ((("Entertainment"))) (No (((TV))) for 11 Years, and No (((movies))) for 5.5)!
-- I LISTEN to White-Awakening Talks 14 Hours-a-day (since I Got: Home-Internet 4-Years ago!) and for some evening-hours Watch-(Muted): White-Folks Renovating-Their-Homes etc.
----> As a sort-of-"Diversion" from the DIRE-Happenings and Ever-Increasing-(((ENCROACHMENT))) of (((White-Genocide))) I Watch (Some WITH-Sound): "Mud-Flood" / "Tartaria" Photo-Presentations Explorations.
--> Certainly the "His-Stories" that the "victor" "Free-Mason-ry"s "Give" us are Evident-LIES, WHEN we LOOK at the "Graeco-Roman-Style" and Other GREAT-"Monumental"-Buildings ... ALL-Over-the-World !!!
-- There WAS indeed a GREAT World-Wide HIGH-Civilisation MADE-by-GIANTS which ENDED: Within just 200-400 Years Ago! (WEST-of-the-Mississippi-USA is GLARINGLY-NOT: "Native-Savage" NOR "Settler" Built!)
(The Extensive "Palace" and Grounds at Versailles with 1,300 Water-Fountains etc, and ONLY 3-Toilets (For Midget "King" "Queen" + "P-Minister" etc. etc, etc.)

Albert said...

IF, indeed, WE turn-Out to BE: MADE by GIANTS: to be Tiny-("Child-Like")-Short-Lived-SUBSET-"Workers" (Like Bees and Termites etc.) ...
and by Step-by-Step: "copy-error" (and of-course "KILL the BEST of the 'Goyim'!" BROTHER-"Wars"!) WE have Quickly-Degraded: into a more and more Disgusting UGLY-World-Blight-Brown-Slime ... With WHITES Reflecting the LAST-Remnants: of The 9-TRULY-NOBLE-VIRTUES!
... I could, somewhat come-to-grips-with ("Reduce-to-Absurdity") the World Becoming: A "Living"-Hell!* ... WITH the Proviso: That, at-least, the (((importers))) of the "mud-races"-((("Flood"))) be FIRST: "Shown" that (((their)))-EVIL-"clever"-"World-Domination"-PLANS: Have "COME-to-NAUGHT"! ;-)
(And Then, the World "Plowed-Over", and the World "Re-Planted"/"Re-Seeded" to AGAIN Become: A BEAUTIFUL Happy Garden-Like Paradise! -- Run-BY and FOR Beautiful NOBLE Majestic "IMMORTAL"-Living-on-"Ambrosia" "God-Like" TRUE "MEN" and "WOMEN"! :-)

GIANTS, at the simplest, CONTINUE-to-GROW (WE Stop-Growing in-Youth, and Soon Begin-to-DECLINE!), and Indeed the Great-REAL-Kings would have Been: 60-Feet-Tall + 1000-Years-Old, with a Court-of-Nobles 500-Years-Old and thus Head-and-Shoulders SHORTER!
These Great-REAL-Kings were indeed: "All-Knowing", "All-Powerful", and indeed "All-Good-Kind-Generous"! "Gods on Earth"!

300-400 Years is NOT Sooo "Long" for THEM !!! ;-)

Indeed, ONCE One CAN SEE How: The World IS indeed LIKE a "Snow-Globe" - with VAST-Realms EASILY-"Hidden"/"Invisible" to us! - It is indeed MOST-LIKELY That: GIANT "Grand-Father-Frost" "Grand-Father-like-Santa" "Jesus" "King-of-Kings" Great-Great-GREAT-Grand-Father-like-GIANTS ... WILL indeed "Return" SOON!
(Exactly-LIKE: Teachers/Parents "Returning" AFTER a "Big"-"Bully" has Ridiculed-and-Tormented us at "Play-Time-Break"!)

--> WHY do (((they))) "Karmically" NEED: to "cleverly" "Trick" us into "Consenting", AFTER (((they))) have "legal-obligation" "disclosed": (((their))) "clever"-EVIL-Plans (in (((movies))) "foreshadowing"-9/11 etc.) -- and WHY do (((they)))-Demon-POSSED-LY: Extremely-HATEFULLY SEEK: To: Race-MIX the Beautiful-Remnants of the ARYAN-Race Out-of-EXISTENCE, such That: NO "Parent", however "Touched" by our "Child-Like" "innocence"-Obedient-Looking-Up-Follower-NATURE, could EVER Now: LOVE, or Even Bare-to-LOOK-Upon/SEE us: "Living" in Such a Degraded-Pathetic-PAINFUL-DISGUSTING "Kill-me-Now"! Wretched-State!

Albert said...

We have HEARD-Descriptions of How: "Fallen-Angels" / "Personified-Evil": HATE-"Man-Kind" "with-a-Vengeance" and SEEK to Ridicule and Debase: the "Most-Beautiful-CREATION" of the "Gods", that IS / WAS "Man" !!! :-(
-- "Scorched-Earth": If (((>i<))) Cannot BE: The "Bees-Knees" -- NO-ONE WILL BE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The TRUTH, Still-Collectively-within-the-"Akashic-Record" / Our Various-"Race-Memories" -- and Somewhat Still-Accessible/Glimpsed Within-Our-HEARTS, IS: "Woven" within the "Fabric" of Our Beings and Existence, and the REMNANTS of the Previous-World-Wide-GREAT-Civilisation ... Can Indeed STILL Be SEEN: All-Around-the-World - To-THIS-Day!
-- "Staring us in-the-FACE!"

-- Just LIKE: When First-Meeting someone: they will give us an "Impression" of their True-"Character", by Treating someone-Else like-"Dirt"!
-- OR, indeed, Treating Others with: All the Kindness and Respect which They-DESERVE! ;-)

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

* It would indeed SEEM: That (or certainly the Demons who POSSESS (((them)))!) (((they))) Initially "Taught"/Agitated/Provoked/FOOLED: the Tiny-"Humans" to "Rebel"-AGAINST: Our TRULY-KIND-and-JUST: Great-Great-GREAT-Grand-Parent-Like NOBLE-GIANT-RULERS (The "ebil" "Sexist" "Authoritarian" "Patriarchy"!)
("The Bible is a 'Law-Book'!": 1) "HAVE No FALSE-"Idols" Before US!" 5) "HONOUR Thy Father and Mother (ANCESTORS + Loving-CREATORS!)" etc.)

Chainsawmillerman said...

Thanks for the semi concise diatribe in 3 parts Albert LOL

KnownUnknown said...

I thought what Max had to say on this was pretty fair. We are minepit and we're fucked

KnownUnknown said...

*we're being fucked.