January 16, 2020

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.01.13

Brizer's guest: Alan Buttle (Irish History etc)

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Albert said...

The British Royal-Family are Elitist and Racist!

Not-only do They Not allow: Anyone of the British-Race to Become Part of Their-Family, unless they are of proper "Royal"-Blood!
-- But they Don't EVEN allow 3rd-World-Mixed-Race-Oogaboogas to Become "Royals" or "Queens" (also: How "homophobic!)!

Breaking News Update:
The (((royal family))) are Perfectly within (((their))) Rights to Erect HIGH-Walls with Machine-Gun-Armed-Guards, and Anyone who DARES to even Mention this, what to Speak of Criticise (((them))) MUST(By Traditional "Noahide-Laws") Immediately Have Their Heads Cut-Off !!!

Late-Breaking News Update: It has been Determined that Meghan has ((("Committed-Suicide"))) in a "Tragic" ((("Car-Crash"))) by: shooting Herself in the Back-of-Her-Head Twice, and Dragging Her-Bloodless-Zombie-Corpse into a Park, where the Surveillance-Footage of the Entire "Tragic" "Accident" is inexplicably "Missing" !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Adanac said...

Good show guys, between the NGO's and the UN and weaponized immigration the cynic in me can't do much more than be angry for you. Its a sad situation. In Canada in my local area I notice politicians on more than one occasion use stats and numbers from the UN and World Bank. Other than me yelling out that these bankster organizations are not our elected officials and im not interested in their studies! People don't applaud they scowl and heted me for doing that. Granted its a socialist MP in my area and these were environment themed meetings, but still its sad. Canada was a conquered nation right out of the gate though it a NWO country.

Albert said...

Listen to Kyle's Latest-Talk:


Very Very Very Question-Raising !!! -- Maybe Kyle and jew-lie-ani's BEST-Presented-Case Ever !!!


(He briefly Mentions the Australian-Fires ... But, as a Balance to: "Traditional-Values" it Compliments this Talk incredibly!)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Adanac said...

Albert, That podcast you posted was misguided at best. IMHO. Learn what a nation is in the ancient sense of the word. Around the time of Christ we were transitioning from Aries (the Bull) into Pisces. Your buddy likes to use lazy Jordan Maxwell type arguments and uses absurd phonetic links to shore up his arguments. Secondly what does it have to do with the podcast that was posted? Are you trying to say the jews have manipulated us into Moloch worshipers LOL ? They certainly are if you believe this crap. Then at the intermission they are selling heathen medicines LOL I think you might as well bow down to Dawkins LOL. Its a morally bankrupt dead end bro.It' not the Christians that are being manipulated in his interpretation. He is! IMHO. Anyway its a stretch to try to make this relevant to this show on Ireland.

KnownUnknown said...
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Albert said...

After LISTENING to LARK-in-Texus, with Radio-Free-South-Africa, Second-Half on "Communitarianism":

I have Heard Lark a few times Before, and Brizer Also mentions the Term: "Communitarianism" ...

But Somehow THIS Latest-Show: "Struck-Home"! ;-)

In the West, Especially with the "Modern"-"Christian" Ideas ...

We "Kid-Ourselves" that the CRITERION for a "Good-Person": is to HAVE "Good-Intensions"!
--> The Road-to-HELL ... is PAVED-with-"Good-Intensions" !!! ;-)

BUT a MUCH MUCH MUCH More Difficult / Stringent / "Damning" (and indeed TRUE) Criterion is: Creating GOOD-RESULTS !!!
--> As we CANNOT SEE the Future*! ... -- We in-a-very-concrete-Sense CANNOT-Know: The Future, and Hence: ONLY:
In HINDSIGHT (Hindsight is [Always] 20 / 20 !!!) Can we and Others SEE:
IF the RESULTS-of-Our-Talk+Actions is Indeed TRULY-GOOD !!!
-- And Hence: IF we Indeed TRULY-WERE a "Good-Person"!
(In Old-Age, BECAUSE we can Look-BACK-Further + Piece-Together a Larger-PART-of-the-"Picture") we Can GLIMPSE-the-Future, which is Called: "Wis-Dom"! -- From-Higher-SEE-FURTHER-VISION!)

(The 9 Noble-Virtues are FAR CLEARER than Other ("compromised"/"cucked"): "Ideas"! of "Virtue"!)

Kung-Fu (or something!) "USE the Enemies' Strength AGAINST-Themselves!" ;-)

(((trick))) Folks into "WORKING" ("With "Good"-Intensions!) into effectively: DIGGING-Their-OWN-(and-Loved-Ones'!) GRAVES ...
-- "Diligently"/"Honestly": BUILDING Around OurSelves: the ((("NWO"))) Impenetrable-Prison-Walls-of-the-MIND-(and-soulless-Electronic-Surveillance-State!) for Perpetuity!

Yes! South-Africa is indeed the ((("Model"))) for ALL of us !!!

--> South-Africans LITERALLY-BUILT a Great-Civilisation, WHILST "Letting"-Their-ENEMIES-Increasingly-"Ingress"... and THEN: Through (((hook-or-crook))) (Effectively)-GAVE Their:
Government, Army, Police, ... COUNTRY ... TO: Their DEADLY-(((Enemies))) ... With-WHICH to "Incrementally": GENOCIDE Them ALL! :-(

--> There IS Some TRUTH: to the Younger-Generations BLAMING/NAMING: The Previous-Generations as the ONES who BETRAYED-Them to: the Pitiless-(((NWO))) !!! :-(

Complacency, Compliance, Complicity, ... "Frienemy" ... Our-OWN: "worst"-Enemies !!!

--> "Learned-Helplessness" !!!
----> And WORSE: ie: "simply" (LIKE "Obedient" "Dumb" "LOYAL"-"DOGS!") NOT: 'Biting' the (((hands))) that: (As "clever"-(((middlemen")))-CLAIM to) "Feed"-us !!! (And, indeed ("Disagreeing"-But:) DEFENDING/"Fighting-to-the-DEATH": (((their))) "Rights" to:(Lyingly/Deceitfully/Treacherously/Pornographically etc.) "Speak" "Act" and "OWN" !!! :-(

🌝 🌚 🌞

Adanac said...

I'm really not in any position to pontificate here. I will say in my little over half century
kicking around here, I have come to realize we are moving more and more into materialism and its skewing our ethics toward insanity and our personal morals seem to be following close behind.Secular Humanism etc is not going to get us back on track.

@KnownUnknown - I read your comment and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. LOL

Marillion said...
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Adanac said...

I'm just a beginner LOL Wait until i turn into a full fledged Christtard. Then I'm going to come looking for you and turn the other cheek, and fart in your general direction!

Albert said...

I was just Talking to my 30 years younger nephew, who is "Christtarded" "real-bad"! ;-)

(He "wants" to "Marry" a Ni88er" ! -- Hello! "Thou Shalt-NOT: Commit-Adultery" / "HONOUR [NOT Everlastingly-SHAME!]: Your Mother + Father / Ancestral-LINE! ...)

I was enjoying Describing How: for 200+ years (((they))) have been: Bit-by-Bit: "replacing" the REAL with: (((their))) "clever" FAKE "facsimiles"! ...
-- (((their))) BIG-"LYING:" is Truly on an INCOMPREHENSIBLE-Scale ... To us Some-Truth/Godliness-Remaining-actual-HUMANS/MEN!

-- I used an Analogy of ME being a "Famous"-YouTuber with 1-million (6-million?) subscribers, and Having MY-Face in-the-Screen-Center, with My LITERAL: Cardboard-Cutout-"WIFE" beside-me! ;-) ...
-- I continued: There MAY indeed BE: a REAL-Breathing-WIFE, in another-Room chatting-on-the-Phone etc., BUT the Cardboard-Cutout (even though it may BE a photo of a REAL-Person/individual!) is STILL: NOT a REAL/Actual: Wife, Woman, Person, ...!

THIS: "cleverly" "substituting": "representations" "facsimiles" "equivalents" ... which are "cleverly" (((said to BE))) "Better" / "More Convenient" / "Safer" / -- Now-"MANDATORY"-By-"LAW":
(Gold > "Paper-Money" > "Turned-OFF" at ANY Time: "Electronic"-"Money")
("identified-as-a-woman" Men) etc...
"Progress" is NOW REVEALING: the ((("NWO"))) -- via "Reduce-to-Absurdity": To Be: a "clever" LYING-Scam, "Hatched"-by-INSANE-"Demon-Possessed"-(((perverts))) ...

-- to "cleverly" "Replace" The REAL: God-CREATED-World, where MEN are "Sovereign" and thus Free-by-Godly-Self-Restraint + TRUTH, and judged-by-Their-ACTIONS, in a Civilised "MERITOCRACY" ...

-- with a Freakish-Monstrosity-Chimera (brown-Mongrel-One-"Humanity"): Where (to Enable the Most-Disreputable-CONTEMPTIBLE-Disgusting-Fowl-Creatures to Insanely IMAGINE (((themselves))) to BE: "The "Pinnacle") the Whole-WORLD "Must" be-Turned-Upside-down: With the Most-Beautiful-True-Men:
Step-by-((("Clever")))-Step sooo "Progressively"-DEGRADED ... such that NO-Loving-Creator Could: CONTINUE-to-LOVE or indeed even-"Recognise" them!)

--> Turned-into-Enslaved-"Learned-Helplessness"-"ignorant"-"passive"-Cretins, and Everything Destroyed ...

-- the WORLD "Made"/TRANS-"formed": into a Disgusting Barbaric "Feral": "Living"-Inhuman-"Goyim"/"Robot"/"Zombie"-HELL !!! :-(

🌝 🌚 🌞

Adanac said...

"He "wants" to "Marry" a Ni88er"

I'm not surprised the way your ilk communicates, it might as well be Swahili LOL
Have a nice day Albert, ya twat :)

KnownUnknown said...

Cmon Eileen

Obie said...

Albert, your "After LISTENING" post gave me dyslexia. Please use earthbound punctuation next time.

Albert said...

"Btwixt" is an Irishman with his "Head screwed on properly" !

7 minutes: https://www.bitchute.com/video/yGz2oYtjqwBj/

Jew_ ron_im-o said...

Known Unknown,are you referring to "speed" by Dexy'Midnight Runners? Youth on Dexadrine,out of control and speeding to oblivion or today it's the Meths,Methamphetamine?

KnownUnknown said...


Yup exactly lol