February 19, 2020

Coronavirus COVID19 Truth china is hiding from the world


John Miller said...

So sad.

. said...

You people need to make EVERYONE you know aware-of-that-video, and VERY strongly-encourage them to make EVERYONE whom they know aware-of-it, to watch it, until every-fucking-human-being-on-this-God-forsaken-planet has seen what that woman, DESPERATELY, needed all-of-us to know.

She is with the angels, now, 100% certain, so DO NOT let her death be in-vain.

Chains said...

Lindsey, you need to understand that most of this shit is propaganda. I don't doubt that they are fixing to pull something big but it certainly is not what it appears to be. Be vigilant in your assessment and settle down. Here is a little comedy bit to illustrate.