February 28, 2020

Even if geoengineering can help mitigate climate change, is it ethical? (CBC news)

Here it is on CBC, it's a bit of a mind fuck in they way they go about explaining it, as if it has not been going on for 15-20 years!

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and scientists from around the world have said it time and again: CO2 emissions need to be radically reduced in order to stop the world from warming to a point where it will trigger catastrophic climate change. But radical reductions aren't in place right now, which is why some scientists and policymakers are considering a controversial option: geoengineering, or the deliberate manipulation of the environment. ______________________________________________________________________ There are many issues concerning the potential of employing such a method, including whether it is scientifically possible, economically viable and how a body like the United Nations might govern its use.


AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

The JEWengineering crap is to warm the planet and tax Europe, Australia and USA to death. I watch this jew devil crap spraying daily specially winter is interesting when is 25F outside and skies are cris-cross with satanic look like grey haze. Hardly one day is without it. Thousands of plains spraying this crap daily all over USA,EU,Australia, this is secret military operation to depopulate the Earth and kill white race, because the warming crap happening just in EU,Australia and USA and NOWHERE ELSE. We have to get rid of the (((devil))) or we will be wiped out.

Voltman said...

Dear Mr. Putin,

I have heard that you will have two nice military ports in Iran in the Persian Gulf! That is excellent news for those of us who are passionately involved in the War on Terror. As you know, Iran is completely surrounded by Terrorists of all Stripes and Stars. Not too long ago, these errorists invited one of Iran's most honored ambassadors and military hero, General Qassem Soleimani, to peace negotiations involving Saudi Arabia and the US, in Baghdad. You know the rest of the story...

Mr. Putin, we, in Canada, have been under the attack of the chemtrail sprayers for over 20 years. Please feel free to fly over the North Pole and, like Santa Claus, bring us the toys that will bring us joy.

We declare our skies a no-fly zone for the sprayers of the sky. We need an enforcer since our present forces haven't yet properly identified the enemy of mankind. Apparently, their salary depends on their ability to pretend to be stupid. They have become too good at it...

Please feel free to invade the un-exceptional northern backwater of Queen Elizabeth's commonwealth wasteland; it would't be enough to meddle in our farcical elections. We are stuck with a traitorous, felonious and erroneous punk of a Prime Sinister called Justin Trudope. This fake little puppet clown is way over his head in the deep swamp. His masters are slimy money monsters like George Sorass & His Mass Morass Dumbass Ensemble who are incessantly replacing Canadians with unnecessary and incompatible freeloaders they call immigrants, migrants, refugees, diverse, whatever...

We the neglected, the soon to be replaced and the soon to be zapped, offer you and your country a port in Vancouver (military and commercial), a port in Kingston Ontario (military) and a port in Halifax (military and commercial). You are granted access to the St-Lawrence, the Great Lakes and Hudson's Bay.

Canada recognizes your prowess and success in Syria, in the context of the war on terror. You are invited to help Canada in the war on terror as well.

As you undoubtedly know, the country south of our borders harbors the Biggest Terrorist Organization in the world: the US government and its agencies.

The Terrorist and Criminal Supporters known as the American Voters will be voting later this year, for the President of the biggest terrorist organization in the world: the US government.

Now that their Chinese drugs and antibiotics are being rationed, the Americans will be going crazier than ever. (if you can imagine that!).

We need you to help Canada build a proper electronic wall on our southern border. We have lots of workers, lots of immigrants too, some are even looking for work.

We would gladly benefit from doing business with someone who hasn't completely lost his mind.

Thank you,

Captain O'Kanabec

AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

Britain got them self out of EU kike union and they suddenly have weather disaster, flood, wind all over the Brishit islands. Look on the JewTube video why ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDwTRM9Q_DQ