February 20, 2020

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2020.02.20

Dr. E. Michael Jones on Logos and Comedy

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his article “Logos and Comedy: How Joking About Life Turned Life Into A Joke.”

Dr. Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine and the author of many books including the soon to be released Logos Rising: The A History of Ultimate Reality.

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Albert said...

I just Listened-to This Jan-Lamprecht Talk:


(It SEEMS new, as he Mentions: COMMUNIST-Bernie-Running-for President in 2020)

Jared-Taylor's "Race-Realism" SAYS: Blacks are DUMBER than Whites, and jews are "Smarter" ...
(But jews "Look WHITE to Me!")

EMJ's "jew-wise" Says that: jews are "cleverly"-(((PUSHING))) Pornography as "Protected"-"Free-Speech", and BLOCKING TRUE FREE-Speech ! (But: "No-One has the Right to "Harm" the jews!" [(((they))) Require: "Access"-to-WHITES to "Feed"!] and that: "Christian"-BLACKS: "WOULD BE "Identical" AFTER some-period of "Christianity"!)

We are NOT ((("allowed"))) to HAVE BOTH: "Race-Realism" AND "jew-wise" in a WHITE-"Leader" !!!

--> THIS "Creates" Terrible-INTERNAL-"Confusion" ...
-- Because the NATURAL-Conclusion of the TRUE TRUTH: would OBVIOUSLY be to SEE BOTH! :-)

"Emperor's NEW 'Clothes'!"
"WHO are You going-to-Believe: My-LIES, or your 'Lying' EYES?!"

🌝 ðŸŒš ðŸŒž

We DESPERATELY NEED to UNDERSTAND and Act-On: The REALITY: That jews AND ni88ers are NOT-us ... but Indeed VASTLY "Separate" from US !!!!!!!!!!!!! -- And that THIS MUST be MADE: A PHYSICAL-REALITY:
In Order for Our-Wonderful-WHITE-Race to Even SURVIVE !!!

We are (too) KIND, Cooperate to FOLLOW Authorities in Ordered and Fair Societies (hence Looonger "Time-Preference"/"Deferred-Gratification"/"Impulse-Control"), develop Specialisation and NOT Needing-to-continuously-"reinvent"-the-Wheel, and INTENSIVELY-PASS-on-and-NURTURE Our PRECIOUS-Children and Brethren! :-) :-) :-)
-- How Terribly-TRAGIC: To Oh soooo FOOLISHLY-"Mistake": Our Self-SWORN-ENEMIES for "Deserving"-of: Our Wonderful Nurturing-COMPASSION, and ADMITTANCE INTO Our: "We are ALL 'Brothers and Sisters'-of-the-SAME-WHITE-Race Step-by-Step CREATING "Un-Natural" (ie: Cooperative, rather than: "dog-eat-dog"!) "Soft" Societies !!!

Albert said...

I Didn't-Notice: Smug-"Nervous"-Chuckling for THIS EMJ Show ...
Is this an encouraging-sign for Future Shows ...

OR is such "reserved" For:

"Hitler was an (((Agent))) Chuckle-Fest-Shows: "Because":
He Tried-Desperately 26+ Times for PEACE (Especially-just-AFTER Germany Military-VICTORIES!),
Allowed the 330,000 Anglo-SAXON-British-Troops to Retreat-Safely,
and KEPT the jews actually-SAFE in Work-Camps (LIKE British etc POWs were ALSO kept-SAFE!) ...

BECAUSE: ONCE one "un-conditionally-surrenders", AND ALL of the (((Allied)))-POWs are RELEASED Out-of-GERMAN-Hands ...
The (((ALL-Lies))) THEN have Absolutely-NOTHING: to even Partially-RESTRAIN (((them))): From BARE-FIELD, Moving-Around etc: MURDERING: 15,000,000 unable-in-ANY-WAY-to-DEFEND-Themselves: GERMAN: Men, Women, Children, Old-Folks, Invalids etc !!! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

RickB said...

Excellent. Follows up Powers & Principalities Episode 137: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/tkelly6785757/episodes/2020-02-08T04_46_40-08_00