February 06, 2020

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.02.03

Brizer's guest: clint richardson

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Albert said...

I "messenger"ed this to my 30 years younger nephew, who "wants" to "marry" a ni88er!

I had a somewhat frustrating Dream today, Most are FUN: where I Fly-around and Manifest-nice-things by-my-will! :-)

As I awoke, I decoded it down to an amazingly-basic TRUTH! -- Alive / Dead ... LIFE and DEATH!

Remember after the 40-minutes of Trying-to-GET: the Audio to WORK, I said that THIS is a Metaphor for How LIFE works! ... Thousands-of-Components, and yet, in-the-end: It Either: WORKS (goody!), or it DOESN'T !!! ;-)

---- Everyone "Knows" that: a HOUSE is "worth" Millions, a Tank Many-Millions, a Jet Billions! ... Electronic-Stuff Ranges-From: Hundreds-to-thousands for Consumer ... to Billions for Server-Farms etc.

("HOSTILE-Take-Overs" "Buy" Companies for CONTRIVEDLY-Low-Prices ... and THEN Viciously: "Sell-OFF the Component-Parts"! And Everyone "LOSES" Their LIVELIHOODS, whereas BEFORE: They EACH Worked Diligently, as a Team, CREATING a Constant-FLOW of NEW-Wealth! -- An Analogy for LIFE / Thriving-Societies!)

--> But, of-course, ONCE it STOPS WORKING, it is basically JUNK !!! :-( (Jets REQUIRE a CONSTANT: Supply-Chain of Extremely-Specialised and EXPENSIVE-Parts to Continue to WORK!)

For Years I have been Watching YouTube Channels where Folks Step-by-Step: Renovate-Houses, and now sometimes, a Guy who (usually) "magically" FIXES all-manner of Electronics!

-- One of the House-Renovators is a Guy who NOW has 10 Houses! -- the last two were 10,000, and 9,000 including-the-Land! He Spends 10-15,000 more to-over-Months/year MAKE them LIVEable!

-- My DREAM frustratingly Had: Computer-stuff, a Tank, and a baby-polar-bear! ;-)
The Computer wouldn't work, the Tank was Junk (One YouTube guy has Almost Finished BUILDING a Tracked-amphibious-Vehicle!),
But someone WAS Successfully FEEDING: the Cute NICE-to-HUG: Baby-Polar-Bear! :-)

-- We "Take-BREATHING-for-Granted" ... until we are struggling-to-Breathe and will be DEAD in 3-minutes!

-- Eating ... a creature, especially a baby Cries-Out: for FOOD, as within a SHORT Time they will be DEAD Without it!
-- A Mother LOVES Her Baby, and FEEDS and CARES for it EACH-and-EVERY-Day, for 20 YEARS!
She LOVES Her-Baby, but IF (Behind Her Back!) Someone DROPS it! ... Well, it MAY be BROKEN !!!
(We had a VALVE-B&W TV for YEARS with ONE then TWO Channels, sometimes we HIT-it to GET it to WORK!)

-- When a Loved-Ones': BODY BREAKS ... we Sadly BURY-Them! :-(

---- As a Child, Mum Knitted-Crocheted me THREE egg-shaped with-arms-and-legs "Gonks" THEY were My Baby/Doll Like Friends! ;-)
Then I had a BIT of Lego which I Used Rubber-Eraser-Creatures as "People", Then I MADE Plastic-Scale-Models of Soldiers and Tanks, with Diorama-Bases! ;-)

Albert said...

-- In THIS LIFE: We SEE the Combination of "Spirit" and the PHYSICAL!

(A South-African-Lady in America now Has Terribly-PAINFUL: Spinal-Problems, and has just Had Neck-surgery, and in a week will Have Lower-Back surgery!)

--- The "NICE" thing about Doll-LIKE: Lego and Soft-Toy-Friends (Teddy-Bears are GREAT!!!) is That: THEY are "ALIVE" and SHARE Their "Spiritual"-LOVE: Through OUR SEEING-it within-Them!
-- And, Hence, Though They DON'T (Need to) EAT, They are ALWAYS Happy, Friendly, and "Alive"!

---- "Projection" is a TRAIT of Humans!
-- OLD-women LOVE Cats, Men LOVE Dogs, and They LOVE them soooo much, and Even consider that They are Their: Friends and Family, and "TALK"! ;-)
(After a While They can begin to LOVE them MORE than Other HUMANS!)

-- They Certainly SEEM Better than Human-Enemies! ;-)
----- But Humans Can ACTUALLY TALK! :-)

-- I got: Home-Internet 4-Years-Ago ... and LISTEN to Folks TALKING: Non-Stop: 14+ Hours each-day! From When I AWAKE ... till when I go-to-SLEEP!

🌝 ðŸŒš ðŸŒž

-- Thousands of Steps/Components Working-Together ... But WHEN even-ONE-tiny-COG falls-out/Stops-WORKING ... (IF No-One CAN FIX-IT!!!) it Becomes-JUNK ... and we simply (sadly) THROW-it-AWAY on the Dump-Heap (of History)! ;-)

Albert said...

Maybe someone "dropped-me" when Little! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Steve said...

I wish Albert, I wish. I can never work out what the fuck you are on about and I don't think I want too.

Asskickfilms said...

@Steve. LOL. I only read the last comment as well. ROFL

Albert said...

GREAT Show! Very Very THOUGHT-provoking Brizer!

Animals CAN'T Speak ... "IF we LEARN to SPEAK-Properly, we CAN Become-FREE" ?! ;-)

Cults ... Worship of Personalities (to go against is "DEATH-Worthy": "Blasphemy"!) ...


a) We need to BREATHE

b) We need to DRINK-water

c) We need to EAT

d) We need to SLEEP

e) IF we HAVE NO Children, NOTHING will remain of us! (We ARE Born: either boys, or girls!)

f) (((they))) CAN / WILL indeed TAKE-Away: WHAT we NEED to LIVE !!! -- At (((their)))-Whim !!! :-(

Indians summarise (our "in-common with Animals" Physical-Requirements / Needs / "Compulsions": Eating, Sleeping, Mating, DEFENDING ... as the BASIC Drives which BIND us, in THIS "Material" World !!!

--> We CANNOT "Escape" THESE !!! -- Words, Words, Words !!!

-- WHAT, WHO is your POINT? ;-)

--> We NOW Know the BASICS (who?): jews and ni88ers !!!

--> We MUST ACT in-GROUPS ... (((they))) "cleverly" DON'T WANT THAT !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Are puppy-dogs etc. Animals "Responsible" "due-to-Consenting" for the TERRIBLE-Things that (Chinese)-People DO TO Them ? !!!
(I "call" BULL-SHIT / (((bull-shit))) (?) !!!)

--> I PUT the "dropped on my Head, when young?" Post Because, EXACTLY Like: Monty-Python Depicted:
Folks "Like" (are (((trained)))!) to LAUGH-AT: Their Fellow-Neighbours, RATHER-Than: "Look in the Mirror"! (our EVER: "NAME-thejew!) ;-)

(((george carlin))) and Monty-Python were Laughing-AT You !!!!!!!!!!! -- Silly !!!

--> I DELIBERATELY write with-My-"Own" Capitalisations etc.
(It is Written: AS I would Verbally-SAY it! [not sooo hard to understand, really!])

--> IF "You CAN'T [be "bothered" to] READ it -- Then: GOOD !!!!!!!!

-- THAT is WHY I Write Like I DO !!!!!!!!!! (Carry-ON "Laughing" !!! ;-)

The TRUTH is Not really "Intended" for "EVERYONE" !!!

A Summary of LIFE:

While we are ALIVE, it is a "LEARNING-Experience" with Much Variety (Like a seed /crystal "planted" in a nurturing-medium)

When we DIE: We ("Birds of a Feather...) "are Sorted" / "Sort" Our-SELVES !!! ;-)

Albert said...

"Become CHILD-like..."

We have ALL easily-UNDERSTOOD:
That WHEN a School-BULLY (who was BIGGER because He was sooo DUMB that he had been: "Kept-Back"!):
"cleverly" BEAT-us-Up across the other side of the school, from the Teacher's-Lunch-Room, and the Teacher Did the:
"It TAKES TWO to-Start-a-Fight ..."

-- That THAT was (((bull-shit))) !!!!!!!!!!!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Brizer said...

@ Albert. We love ya man...(((BRACKETS))) and (((CAPS))) and all. LOL

AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

In Bible the Name of GOD was written YHWH not JEHOWAH. Pronounciation of YHWH is YAHWEH not Jehowah. Jew is made up word and doesn't belong in the Bible. Ancient Hebrew even doesn't have a "J" , it's always I or Y. In all books of Moses you can't find a word Jew, from Genesis to 2Kings 16:6 there is no word jew. Then magically arrive first time, but before the word Yudean was always Yudean and suddenly they changed to Jews. This thing is forgery jews(satan), took over publishing houses-printing presses in 16-17 centuries and start changing the manipulation of words in Bible. Specially the King James from start was a big mistranslation by the translators, whoever they were.The deception go deeper to Judean King Jan Hyrcanus who forcibly converted (in 125BC) some Edomite tribe and even his son. Some Edomites became Judean by circumcision and that's is all wrong, because Hyrcanus didn't have the authority by Yudean law to convert NON RACIAL aliens to the Yudean religion. So the tiny Edomites in 125 years took over the priesthood and Jerusalem and install their first non Judean king Herod who was a Edomite. They burn the books of Genealogy, because the Edomite name of Herod was not there and they bribe Julius Caesar with huge amount of silver to install their first satanic king Herod.
The European CAUCASIAN are real 12 tribe of ISRAEL not the jews. In 725 BC ALL the eleven north tribes and part tribe of Yudah was taken to captivity by Assyrians and the captivity was between Caspian and Black seas, from there the tribes escape thru Caucasian mountains to today Russia and Europe. That's why we are call CAUCASIAN.
And GOD tell to Isaac; Your descendants will be called by your name SAXON- SAC SONS-Isaac sons. Even the Slavs call them self SACAE-SAKAE.
When so call Pharisees - jews took over Jerusalem, burn all Genealogy books and remove the YHWH Israelite name of God from a Bible. That's why is there so much confusion today in so many different version of the Bible mostly edited be SATANIC jews to deceive Christian today. Edomite were MIX race swines with Hittite - Canaanites who enter the Yudean Kingdom in Jerusalem and destroyed, just like today all of White European cities were take over and controlled by jew satan and our people still don't understand who they are. Jew today are MIX race swine and today even with the Turko-Mongol-Khazars who were converted in 740 AD and became a jews-sic.
JEWS are not from SHEM-SEM and they are not Semites. We the WHITE European are the PURE non mix Adamites what's left today and that's why jews want to destroy us with non white satanic races who they call refugees and that's BS.
The wrath of Jacob coming and (((satan)) will be wiped out from face of the Earth. The real Holocaust coming and there will be heaven on Earth as Christ Yahshua promise us !!!! Christ was call in ancient Hebrew YAHSHUA and means YAHWEH SAVE, Greek is Jesus Christ, same meaning.
And the truth will set you FREE !!

AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

He is misleading that there is no Sabath. In 10 commandment is law to honor Sabath a day of God. Same as go to the name of GOD. YHWH was written in the Bible more than 7 thousand times. !!!

RickB said...

Hey Albert, for whatever it's worth, when I was a kid I protected little kids from bullies on the playground. There was [[[ONE TIME]]] that I didn't.


I believe now that was my [[[GOD GIVEN]] role.

KnownUnknown said...

Hey Adolf are you saying that jew doesn't exist because of J but Jacob does?

Think about that

Max Smart said...

The Jews are Edomites and Khazars - a scientific and historical fact.

Brizer needs to do a show forthwith, and will by the grace of God, for there is nothing that is more treacherous than stealing another peoples' identities and blaming them for the ills of the world.

Dr Matthew Rafael Johnson and Eli James are experts in this field (James esp re Edomites), and are always generous with their vast knowledge and time.

What do you have to lose, Brizer? Each has a strong following and what better way than for yourself and Graham to go deeper down the rabbi hole.

It is essential knowledge for those who are, or are becoming, jew-wise.

Please get E Michael back on soon. Another amazing stalwart.

Max Smart said...

Jacob isn't the correct pronounciation. No j literally means no j. There is no way around it.

KnownUnknown said...

Yakov or Iudea are hardly distant phonetically. Words change or become corrupted all the time. Aqua and water are corruptions of the same word.

Albert said...

@ brizer @chains-awe

stick with me guys ... I am leading upto something very important!

If I go to a store and the shelf / sticker price is say: $100, and they sell it to me for only $50, I "will-not-complain"! ;-)

Now extend this to another day the price says $6,000,000!
-- BUT, (everyone?) others except ME can get a "discount" where it only costs THEM: $50 !!!


I just listened to this: "The Heretics' Hour: The Right Not to Associate in America" program:


(Referencing the FIRST-Half !!!!!!!!!!!)

who actually clicks on links? (I DO! ;-)

--> To "tantalise" YOU to LISTEN to the show!:
----> This POINT is WAY WAY WAY more IMPORTANT and CONCISE than all of the COMPLICATED (cult-like) Word-"Magic" stuff!
(No "offense"! -- I am "tantalising" YOU! ;-)

You Probably Can't LINK/Post THIS Talk ... But MAYBE Brizer can Interview: "Don Advo" OR You can FIND: another Interview with Him that is Better-to-POST! ;-)

HERE is Carolyn's Summary-Description:

Don's Freedom of Association amendment would not affect public schools, but private schools would be protected from forced integration. Just look at the result.

Don Advo, the California attorney who has become co-host on Don Black's Stormfront radio show, talks about the importance of Freedom of Association and his proposed amendment to the US Constitution that would make it an expressed, not just an implied, right.

Don was last on The Heretics' Hour on September 23, 2013;
Proposed amendment:
"The right of freedom of association, however and by whomever exercised on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, whether real or perceived, whether exercised individually or otherwise, contractually or otherwise, in commerce or otherwise, by persons over the age of 18, is absolute and shall not be regulated or abridged by the United States, the several states or any political subdivision thereof."

Mind-Blowing CLARITY !!!

(To touch on "mud flood" implications: We have Heard: how America is a "Virginia-Company"-"Front" for the Queen-of-England, and also that in 1933 America became a from-Bankruptcy-Corporation and us "Owned"-"assets" --> What IF: the "His-Story" of the Formerly-FREE America of Black-Slaves, and a Pertaining-to-the-People Constitution, was "just" a BACKSTORY-"Dream" "clever"-LIE to DELUDE PRESENT Zio-Dupe-"cannon-fodder"/useful-thugs/White-SLAVES-People???!)

🌝 🌚 🌞

AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

Some idiots like thatone who Doesn't "Know him self", will stay idiots till they die.

KnownUnknown said...

This idiot can see through your tortured logic and lack of linguistic acumen. In Cyrillic and Greek there's no J but they still have Jews. Explain that!

KnownUnknown said...


Max Smart said...

The letter J originated as a variant of the letter I. Why that happens is a little complicated, and requires unpacking some assumptions.

In the original languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew) which provide us with the names Jesus, Joseph, Justinian, etc., the sound which we write as J was pronounced as the English letter Y. (Just to make things confusing for English speakers, the phonetic symbol for this sound is [j].) In Latin, the letter for this was I/i, in Greek it was Ι/Îđ (iota), and in Hebrew it was Ũ™ (yod). Thus, the Greek spelling for "Jesus" was Î™Î·ÏƒÎŋυς, pronounced something like "Yeh-SOOS", and the Latin likewise was Iesus.

Subsequently, in the Latin alphabet the letter J was developed as a variant of I, and this distinction was later used to distinguish the consonantal "y" sound [j] from the vocalic "i" sound [i]. However, at about the same time there was a sound change in many of the languages of Western Europe, such that the "y" sound changed into a "j" sound ([dʒ], or sometimes [ʒ]). So we have it that in English, the letter J now represents a consonant [dʒ] which is not obviously similar to the vowel [i], despite the fact that they descend from the same letter and the same sound. (English also has many [dʒ] sounds spelled with J which come from native Germanic roots.)

You can see this history worked out differently in the spelling systems of German and many of the Slavic languages of Eastern Europe, where the letter J spells the "y" sound [j], and the letter Y, if used at all, is primarily used as a vowel.