Friday, February 14, 2020

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.02.10

Brizer's guest: Jim Dowson I do not edit out precious things that you say Graham. LOL

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John Miller said...

Interesting comments...the Irish have"feelings" , the Anglos are "cold as stone"...
Oh yes, no wonder the greasy joows, behind the curtains, are doing their ROFL, " we joows gave you 'God', Jesus Maria and Joseph and love your enemy, but you slaughter each other…?"
Oyy veyyy

Harry Mack said...
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Albert said...

Everyone Should KNOW that it's the: jews AND ni88ers (non-White) !!!

The BEST thing that can be Said about ANYONE who even implies that it is: "one or the Other..." is that they are Obviously: "A bit Confused" (a More critical "take" is that: It Looks Like YOU are TRYING to Confuse Others!)

When your Dingy is SINKING the FIRST-PRIORITY: is STOPPING-the-"LEAK" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Yes. With a very very Powerful-Pump running-non-stop ... you might get-back to shore ... But "non-whites" are Being-"PUMPED"-INTO-Our-Nations!)

Some Folks sometimes EMPHASISE: "Giving-a-bullet" First: to a TRAITOR ... Yes. There WERE-Indeed a Few TRAITORS who DID such Terrible-Crimes to Whites -- that, our "Decline" can in many-ways be LAID-at-THEIR-Feet !!!!!
--> But MOST Whites, who are currently "ignorantly" effectively "ANTI-White" -- Are NOT Our Enemies, as they can easily/quickly BECOME Our BEST-People !!!

Blood and Soil: Our PEOPLE are ALL that MATTERS !!!
(We MUST secure the existence of our people, and a GOOD Future for White CHILDREN!)

Brizer, I "Love" YOU !!! -- But PLEASE Philosophically TRY: to Get-a-Grip: On HOW: A puppy-dog IS NOT: "Consenting" to ANYTHING that a Chinese-Person DOES to THEM !!! ;-)
(We ALL KNEW as even little-children: that a "Teacher" saying: "It takes TWO-to-Start-a-Fight, was Total-BS!)

I do indeed, find it more than a Bit: Disconcerting / "Disappointing" that YOU SEEM to Be Going-Down-the-Route: Of BLAMING the White-VICTIMS !!!

Yes! Our White-Women, and Woman-Like-Men, are Currently soooo ((("confused/miss-Led"))) that THEY are effectively: "Voting" for the jew-Agenda !!! :-(
(That is due to our NATURAL-Race "good-nature" of cooperatively Obeying and Following Our-LEADERS (and IF They are TRULY-GOOD-Leaders) THAT is HOW we Step-by-Step: BUILD such "High-Trust" Societies !!! :-)

... But Sooooooo OBVIOUSLY to the non-RETARDED: The ONLY WAY to ever even HOPE to come-OUT of this DIRE-((("Situation"))): is to "ROOT-OUT" the (((root))) of the ((("Problem"))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

Florida, for example: Has a "Stand your ground." Law:

IF someone ATTACKS you, you SHOOT-Them !!!

-- There is NO: "philosophically": "Doubting" your RIGHT to NOT-be-Attacked, or Whether you "contracted"-with Them !!! ;-)

6 years ago, in connection with Kevin-MacDonald saying: That Whites HAVE a "Moral"-RIGHT to Exist, and LOVE-themselves ... Carolyn-Yeager was explaining that Whites Have Nothing to Be "Ashamed"-of !!! :-)

Come-on Brizer! -- I "Expect"-MORE of YOU !!! Carolyn IS indeed a very very Impressive and SMART 75+ Lady !!!
YOU are a 20 years Younger MAN, and it is: 20 / 20 Now Brizer !!! -- Get-Upto-Speed !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

We DON'T HAVE "sufficient YOUNG-White-Men: To "Fight" a PHYSICAL-Fight WITH: The Increasing-by-the-MILLIONS of Non-Whites that are Constantly ((("Appearing"))) INSIDE-Our-Nations'-Borders !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

We "simply" MUST: "Remove" the Non-White-INVADING-Hordes (((Flood-Gate-Openers))) !!!

Og said...

Good one Brizer

Liam said...

Great show Brizer. Good to hear reality. It seems it is an emotional battle more than a spiritual one as one can fight for what one loves more readily than a belief, perhaps?

Tez said...

Good show and some valid points,but i'm bored of the 1,000,000 white English babes gang raped by mussies BS.Approx 40 million females here so 1 in 40 raped and us pussy Brit men do fuck all.......that's because it's BULLSHIT.I know of 3 multi million lotto winners,but not one rape victim.Does it happen? Yes.Does it happen to that degree?Nowhere even close.On a lighter note.....WHERE THE FECK ARE YA ZAP? I've been in the room so long the lightbulb just expired and it was an led.

zapoper said...

I don't know which room you were in but I was in "the room" for a couple of hours with your friend Don. He just got an ACV/ Stroke btw.

zapoper said...

oops. The English acronym would be more like: CVA

Tez said...

Those southern boys get fucking everything! The room's the one you sent a link to so unless there's a secret panel i pull back or it's a lot bigger than i thought you should have seen me.........No TIA.....transient ischemic attack.

Tez said...

This is bollocks...when i took the job they told me my handler (that's supposed to be you Zap) would be available 24/7. All i want to know is where my xmas bonus is and if you want these photos of Scorpio and the ostrich sending to the Canadian safe house or on to Mami to file.Yes this is unprofessional,but you don't answer the radio.

Asskickfilms said...

The last hour or so was the most important show we have put out. It's time to unite against any enemy of christian culture. Jew bashing is NOT going to save us. Preparing for the inevitable coming civil war is. Time to man up and get organised. Thankfully, some have already started.

Brizer said...

@ Albert. So white people should not feel ashamed of themselves?? Of course we should because we have consented to jew bullshit all our lives and worse we have allowed African and Muslim rape gangs into our neighbourhoods and we have done nothing.
And those of us who have woken up still point fingers at Jews, Muslims, bankers, governments instead of dealing with the problem ourselves. Very easy and good fun at times to point fingers but it's not going to solve jack shit.
As Jim Dowson said quite eloquently we can point fingers at the Jews all day long but in the meantime white kids are being sodomised by savages just down the street. What will you do about that Albert? Ashamed yet???
Stop playing the victim. It's pathetic and very jewey. I would wager you never were a victim. As Graham said it's time to man up and let's sort this shit out once and for all. Yes it will be ugly but what choice do we have? .
It's up to us and us alone.
All Rights Reserved.

Albert said...

I LIKE you Brizer, and am SURE that you Think that what you Delineated is Positive, and can Help us FIX things!

Yes! I understand the philosophical / psychological logic: That a "victim" by definition can DO-nothing, whereas, rejecting "victim"-status, and "taking-responsibility" for Dire-circumstances, "enables" one / us to "be-positive / "empowered" and DO-something to FIX, or make things step-by-step BETTER !!!

--> BUT, the perky-"detail" is that: The TRUE-Truth is WITHOUT-Contradictions !!! (the Truth, WHOLE Truth, Nothing-But the Truth)

And Deliberately-OMITTING MAJOR-Facts/Components, in order to "Tidy-Up" and "Bolster" a "Logical-and-Strong"-Idea=Position, is simply NOT-even-Honest - even to Ourselves !!! -- And, of course Real-Solutions simply CANNOT come from effectively-LIES !!!

There is a VERY obvious (((reason))) WHY: Effectively-from Birth White-Children are (((subjected)))-to: "vaccinations", (((TV))), and (((state-schooling))) ... Because "erecting"-DEEP-into-Our-Subconscious (such that it is Almost-unreachable in Later-Life!) "Mental-Prison-Bars" ... is Indeed a very very VERY effective "Farm-Animal"-System!

A circus Lion is Terrorised and "Trained" since-BIRTH ... until a weak-Man can CLEARLY be-SEEN to "intimidate" a POWERFUL Fully-Grown-Adult-MALE-Lion !!! (we imagine, that DEEP-inside the Lion still re-experiences the Terror of being a Helpless-Weak-Little-cub!)

--> "Shame" ??? I'm "jewwy" ??? "Loaded-Questions": "So white people should not feel ashamed of themselves?"
("I would wager you never were a victim." -- I have NO idea, what you are even TRYING to do with That one! ;-)

(To Re-iterate: )
Come-on Brizer! -- I "Expect"-MORE of YOU !!! ;-)

Albert said...

OK. To "Answer" your loaded-question: Yes. Whites really Do have NOTHING to Feel Ashamed of !!!
-- What the BRAVE and "Honest-to-a-Fault" Germans Accomplished in ((("WWII"))) is Beyond-Exemplary !!! :-)
-- I simply LOVE the White-Race, of which the German-Folk simply were the very BEST! :-) :-) :-)

I DID answer your loaded-question Brizer, NOW PLEASE address MY "childishly-SIMPLE" above-questions/analogy-examples:

a) IS a puppy-dog: "Consenting" to ANYTHING that a Chinese-Person DOES to THEM ?!!!

b) We ALL KNEW: as even little-children: that a "Teacher" saying that: "It takes TWO-to-Start-a-Fight", After a HUGE-Bully-Retard Beat-us-Up while the Teachers were FAR-AWAY: on the other side of the school in Their-Lunch-Room -- WAS: Total-BS!

c) When your Dingy is SINKING the FIRST-PRIORITY: is STOPPING-the-"LEAK" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--> OK we are Guys ... But, come on Brizer! -- Even by YOUR-Postulate: (ie "... African and Muslim rape gangs into our neighbourhoods ...")
--> Women and Children are NOT "consenting" to BEING-RAPED !!!

PLEASE re-Think Your "Logic" Brizer !!! -- It is NOT-Actually "Positive" OR HELPFUL, in reality!

-- Indeed, just like: Those who Attack US are all-basically-ANTI-White (with a "Human-Right" to: "ACCESS"-WHITE-Societies!)
-- YOUR "Positive" "Empowering" (Deliberately-Cutting-OUT-Huge-Factors to Falsely-Bolster-its)-"Logic"
... is Sadly Effectively at-Least: ANTI-White-(MALE) !!!

It's the jews, and  ni88ers Brizer!
Everyone with "Half-a-Brain" KNOWS it!

and, Yes! -- To even TRY to "cleverly" "reasonably" "fairly" "Empoweringly" ... even "Hint" at NOT: Laying THIS-BLAME squarely in Their-Direction -- is Indeed a very very VERY: "jewwy" thing to Do !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

(((they))) have already "cleverly" Maneuvered WHITES into TWO very very Terribly-"Costly" ((("WWI and WWII"))) BROTHER-"Wars" !!!
-- Removing the "Voices" and IMPRISONING: Thousands of Great and Brave White-True-Patriots/Nationalists who: "Stood-in-(((their)))-Way"!

--> We DON'T HAVE "sufficient" YOUNG-White-Men: To "Fight" a PHYSICAL-Fight WITH: The Increasing-by-the-MILLIONS of Non-Whites that are Constantly ((("Appearing"))) INSIDE-Our-Nations'-Borders !!! ;-)

We "simply" MUST: "Remove" the Non-White-INVADING-Hordes (((Flood-Gate-Openers))) !!!

Albert said...

perky-"detail" should be:

pesky-"detail" ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Brizer said...

@ Albert We "simply" MUST: "Remove" the Non-White-INVADING-Hordes (((Flood-Gate-Openers))) !!! The flood gate openers are own people. Traitors, yes but we voted for them so we consented.
So how do you suggest we "remove" them if we don't have "sufficient" YOUNG-White-Men: To "Fight" a PHYSICAL-Fight??? Ask them nicely to leave???
And again I will ask the question....if a Muslim rape gang are sodomising white children on your street what will you do about it?? Blame the Jews???

Albert said...

OK Try This:

"Do unto Others-Fellow-Race-Brothers-and-Sisters, as You would Have-Them Do-unto Yourself!"

We "Project" OUR "Way-of-Thinking" ONTO-Others ...

THIS "becomes Problematic" WHEN those "Others" are Indeed NOTHING-LIKE us !!!!!!!!!!

Hence, it becomes a "Game" where WE are "Fighting" with Gentlemen's-Rules while the Other "Opponent" is FIGHTING-to-"Win"-at-ANY-"Cost" !!! :-( -- Thus the "Nice-Guys" WILL indeed "Finish"-LAST !!!!!!!!!

Very-FEW are indeed True-LEADERS! The (((bolsheviks))) Quickly: "Picked-OUT" (the Japanese saying the "Nail which-sticks-Out, will get-Hammered!) the 1-in-20 who WOULD indeed Stand-Up and "Doggedly" "Resist"-FIGHT-BACK !!!
-- Not-Only: Did THIS Show a very very GRAPHIC-"Example" of WHAT would "Happen" to ANYONE else who Likewise "Stood-Up/Out" ...
--> But, indeed, NO-Longer was there: 1 : 20 Leaders Left who WERE TRUE-LEADERS but very very-FEW LEFT to "Fight-Back" -- Out of Thousands and Thousands !!! :-(

"Spiritual-Theory": We are MADE: To BE: GOOD Obedient LOYAL "Workers" Servants. Individuated-PARTS-of-the-WHOLE in-the-BODY-of-Smoothly-Functioning-ORDERED-Society !!!
-- Within Our-FAMILIES the-LOVE-Naturally-Flowed_DOWN: From Great-Grand-Parent Grand-Parents Parents Children Grand-Children ... Like a "Passing-the-Baton-Relay-Race" ...
--> Our (GIANT)-King was Like OUR Great-Great-GREAT-Grand-Father (Grand-Father-Frost/"Santa")

"There IS No-NEED for short-Lived very-short-Lived "Humans, to constantly "RE-Invent"-the-Wheel!"

--> THIS is OUR GOOD-Nature! THIS is ("Deferred-Gratification"/"Longer-Time-Preference"/"Impulse-CONTROL") HOW WE BUILD Wonderful-Societies!
-- As Children we APPRENTICESHIP-Like LEARN: From Our Parents, and Master-Craftsman, etc. Leaders'-Examples!

((("Satanism"))) "Defies"-/Deplores-OUR-NATURE !!!

WHITES MUST LOVE Our Good-Nature, UNDERSTAND-it, BUT ALSO Know/UNDERSTAND that (((those))) (who "Have-a-Human-Right" to: "Access"-WHITE-Societies) -- ARE indeed Very Very VERY "DIFFERENT" to us and "simply" MUST-NOT be "Treated" as "Members-of-OUR-Wonderful-Families" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The analogy of the Dingy with a Hole-in-the-Bottom LEAKING-WATER !!!
-- It is in-Many-Ways very-Difficult in-the-middle-of-the-SEA to Patch/STOP a Leaking-RAPIDLY-HOLE !!!
-- I "Admitted" THIS, when I Mentioned that Having-a-VERY-STRONG-Pump Might "Get-the-Occupants-to-SHORE"!

Beloved Alfred was Quite-Adamant that: "Traitors GET-the-FIRST-Bullets!
Indeed, within the Last-100-Years there Have-BEEN a Few-Terrible-TRAITORS who May indeed Have PERMANENTLY-DOOMED Our-White-Race !!! :-(
-- But the Great-Majority of WHITES are indeed NOT Our-ENEMIES, but indeed the ONLY-"Hope" for Our FUTURE !!!
---- The ONLY thing of TRUE-VALUE (Blood and Soil) IS Our-WHITE-Race -- Despite-the-"Fact"-that-"Most"-Presently-are-"Asleep" !!! :-)

WHAT, a Few, BRAVE ("FED-Posting") Whites (Jan-Lamprecht, Gertjin-Z etc) have Already-DARED to Point-Out: Is that "Fearing" to "Do unto Others ..." -- the "PROTECTED"-("No-one-has-a-Right-to-Harm-the-jews.") (((ones))) MUST be "Removed" ("STOPPING-the-LEAK"!) ... By BEGINNING (as Dennis-Fetcho wonderfully each-and-every-Broadcast word-by-word Re-"Programs"-our-"Logic") by: DOING unto (((chosens))) as (((THEY))) are DOING (Have Terribly-Brutally-Gleefully-SADISTICALLY: ALREADY "DONE" to 100,000,000s of WHITES "just" within-the-LAST-("jewish")-Century !!!

Albert said...

SELF-DEFENCE is indeed PREVENTING-True-VIOLENCE (it is NOT: "Violence"!): Hence in Florida, with the "Stand-your-Ground"-Law: If / WHEN a "Bully" COMES to DO-TRUE-VIOLENCE to YOU ... You can "simply" (in TRUE Self-DEFENSE!) "STOP"-Them !!! :-)

--> We HAVE Every-RIGHT to Be PROUD and "DEFENSIVE" about Our-Great-Ancestors'-GREAT-NATIONS! :-)
--> We indeed HAVE Every "God(s)"-Given-Un-Alienable-HUMAN-Right: To SELF-DEFENCE Defend / PROTECT-Ourselves From: (((Truly-HATEFUL TRUE-Violence))) !!!

Obviously -- We have BEEN "cleverly" ((("Programmed"))) to: NOT "simply"-SEE This: "simple" LIFE-or-DEATH Fact -- Since-BIRTH !!! :-(

Who, What, Where, When, How, Why ...

TRUE Questions (and Hence SOLUTIONS -- Quest-for-TRUTH -- TRUTH Shall Set-us-FREE!) BEGIN with "WHO" ...
("Short"-Answer: jews! [and "non-Whites"])

ONE more Analogy for now: Someone (Modern-WHITE-Youths and under-Bridge-Homeless) WITHOUT any "Roof-Over-Their-Heads" SEE the STRENGTHS of SUCH a Position ... BUT CANNOT even IMAGINE: It "Costs" / "Drawbacks" / "Maintenence" ...
--> Folks who LIVE in-a-"GLASS"-Home "SHOULDN'T "Throw-Stones" ;-)

(((their))) "Coherence" ("Strength") is Due to (((their) HoloHoax-Myth/Religion (for the Underlings!/children) and (((their))) drummed-into-(((them))) BY "the-School-of-HARD-Knocks" 109+ TIMES that (((they))) have ALREADY BEEN: "Removed" !!! ;-)

Just Like Nationalists explain that we MUST "simply" START by: "Removing" the MURDERERS/Rapists FIRST from OUR-Nations, AND "Giving-Incentives" for OTHERS to: Re-Patriate-Themselves ...
("Unconditional-Surrender") RETREAT is the MOST-VULNERABLE-Position to TAKE! ...
We MUST "simply" "TRIGGER" (((their))) DEPLY-Inbreed-DARKEST-FEARS ...
... and (((they))) will have Already-"TAKEN": Yesterday's Flight-OUT, before we have even realised! ;-)

Yes! -- A LIAR must HAVE a Very "Good"-Memory !!!
-- The "Cost" of "Suppressing" the "Goyim's" FREE-SPEECH, has indeed become, Like Cutting-Off-a-Hydra's-HEADS ... Exponentially-"Costly" for (((them))) ... (((they))) "simply" Con-tinue to "Double-Down"! -- DO (((they))) HAVE a "Death-Wish"?!

--> (((they))) will Almost be "Relieved": To "Finally" Be "Free"-FROM-us !!!
-- And, OBVIOUSLY, the WHITE-"Goose-that-Actually-LAYS-the-Golden-Eggs ... CANNOT: Be "Removed" !!!!!!!!!! "Fixed" !!!!!!!!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Just LIKE the Gumball-Video Graphically-EXPLAINS: That WE simply CANNOT "Have-MORE-Children" to "Counter" the Non-STOP-"FLOOD" of "non-White"-INVADERS ...
--> We "simply" CANNOT BEGIN: By "STOPPING" the ALREADY-INSIDE-Our-(Formerly!)-White-Nations !!!!! (Again Like the Hole-in-Dingy Analogy!)

South-Africa IS indeed IN a VERY "Advanced"-Stage!
And YOUR IRELAND, may indeed BE on a Very Very VERY "FAST-Path" ... From the "Slower" more "Boiling-Frog" (Formerly)-WHITE-Nations, FRIEND-Brizer ...

But, Have NO DOUBT Brizer: Your TRUE Fellow-Irish: NEVER EVER "Desired", Instigated, OR INSIST (even by "clever" "Tricks") -- on "Abortion" and "Immigrant"-INVADERS -- and n YOU Never even Ever HAVING even a VOICE / SAY in it !!! :-)

(((they))) "cleverly" HIDE ... Because: For (((them))) to BE EXPOSED-to-the-LIGHT-of-Day ... Would BE (((their))) "Down-Fall" / "END" !!! :-)

Albert said...

Yes! A Few: Typos, and hard-to-Follow long-somewhat-incoherent-sentences ...

But, I am a two-finger-typist ... and I am "just" TRYING to Keep-Up-WITH: My "Muses"/"Angels'": Thought-Flow: And it is Somewhat-Difficult to "Keep-Up-With" AND "Transpose"! ;-)

Small-Troll ;-) (((NoamChomsky))) Explained How: Indepth Requiring-VOLUMES to-Delineate-Ideas simply-CANNOT be "Conveyed"-WELL in-"Sound-Bites"/"Cut-Off"-(((TV-"Interviews"))) !!! ;-) (Especially when NEEDING to "Compete"-with ((("MASS-Media")))!!!)

We Have BEEN soooo ((("Programmed"))) practically-since-Within-the-Womb: To Viciously-"Triggeredly": "Go-OFF": On Our TRUE-Brethren-Family-Members/Neighbours/Fellow-Race-Brothers-and-Sisters ...

and to NOT-even-SEE (the (((cuckoos))) "cleverly" "Instinctually"-PUSHING: Our TRUE Brothers and Sisters OUT-of-the-NEST: To Their-DOOM!), (((them))) for the DESPERATELY-NEEDING-Existentially-to-BE-"Removed": DEADLY-Blood-Thursty-"Vampires"-(((Self-Sworn-Enemies))) ...
... and we "Comically" even: "DEFEND-to-Our-DEATH": (((their))) ""Human"-Right"-to-EXTREMELY-"Unmolestedly"-HAVE-UN-LIMITED-"Access"-(with NO "Anti-Semitic"-Repercussions)-to-ALL: WHITE-Nations !!! ;-)

It TAKES a VERY LONG-Process of "Repetition" and Indepth-Step-by-Step-Delineation and LOT of REPLACEMENT-Content: to LITERALLY-PUSH-OUT/Displace: the "clever" ((("Lifetime-Programming"))) ... But, Fortunately: The VERY-MOMENT: That the (((idiot-box-sewer-pipe))) is TURNED-OFF: The RECOVERY-Re-Set: NATURALLY-BEGINS !!!

We "Simply" MUST "Have Faith": in the TRUE-GOODNESS of OUR-Wonderful-Loyal-"Dogged" WHITE-FOLK !!! ;-)
(Even Though, in Some Ways, AVOIDING Total-(((Chaos))) may Indeed BE Darn-Neigh "IMPOSSIBLE" to DETOUR , at this Late / "Advanced" Stage !!! :-(

We Simply MUST LOVE OUR-FOLK ... as WE ARE-Irreducibly-PART-of-OUR-FOLK !!! :-) :-) :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Our GREAT Ancestors ARE PART-of-us and WHO WE ARE !!! -- And WITH-us ... Until the "END"

--> We are indeed Integral-PARTS: Of (Multiple!) Non-Physical Ancestral-Family-Trees ...
and Indeed (Like 3-D-Printers: "Manifest-Tangibly": Etheric/Un-Erasable-Internet-DESIGNS) THIS Temporary: "Dog-eat-Dog" OR BETTER-By-FAR: Truly-KIND: Homogenous Loyal-Good-Heirarchical-WHITE-SOCIETIES are simply:
--> MANIFEST-Partially ,:FROM this (WITHOUT-"Duality"/PURE-Goodness/Perfect"ETERNAL"-Realm !!!!!!!! :-)

(Also, I my "defense": It cannot be expected that many will indeed be actually-READING: My Posts! ;-)

Albert said...

(((viruses))) (((Parasites))) (((vampires))) (((spiders))) (((serpents))) (((cuckoos))) ((("Living-Dead"-Pod-People")))

Viruses, (IF they exist), USE Our-OWN-Cells to "Re-Produce"! (FAGS: "Groom OUR Precious-Children, to "Re-Produce! -- How Could anyone "tolerate" such "DEATH-Style"-SPREADERS !!!?)

Parasites Inject a NUMBING-Chemical to ENABLE-Them: To "Un-Molestedly Suck-Our-Blood!

Vampires TORCHER/Terrify Their Victims, and THEN FEED-Off-Their "Adreno-chrome"-Rich-BLOOD !!!

Brizer, Have You SEEN a Hand AFTER-a-Spider-has-injected-its-POISON ?!!!
-- As the POISON-Spreads ... the ONCE HUMAN-Flesh becomes-Transformed into BLACK-Horror!

"Pod-People" ("Zombies")

--> Sorry to SAY, Brizer: But SOME of Your (non-Brown) Irish-Leaders/"Traitors" are NOT/No-Longer: "Irish" !!! :-(

NO True-Father "wants" HIS-Children to BECOME: "Living-DEAD"/"Abominations" ...
NO True-Mother Effectively-HATES Her Children, To-the-CORE !!!

(((their))) ((("Thought-Viruses"/"POISON"))) -- Has Sadly Been (((TV State-School etc.)))-(((PUMPED))) Throughout the BLOOD of Our WHITE-Societies !!!
-- THESE Extremely ("Transformative")-DEADLY-((("ideas"))) are: "Taking (((their))) Toll" !!! :-(

But, Ultimately, it Really IS OUR-WHITE-PEOPLE, NOT "ideas"/((("ideas"))) Which in the Long-Term: ENDURE and thus TRULY-"Matter":

Hence the ((("Kalergi")))-Plan: To FOREVER "ERASE" Our-WHITE-PEOPLES From-the-Face-of-the-Earth! :-(

🌝 🌚 🌞

LOVING-Parents EMPHATICALLY-"Warn" Their-Children: To NEVER: "Take-Candy-from-a-(((stranger))), or "Get-in-(((their)))-Car" !!!
("(((Stranger)))": "I'm NOT a "Stranger", I KNOW your-Parents!" :-(

("Giants" were Exactly-LIKE: Our Generous and WISE Great-Great-Grand-Parents! -- WE are LIKE: THEIR Tiny-Short-Lived-Subset-"Worker"-[Bees/Termites]-Best-Most-LOVED-CREATION-"Children"!)

--> We simply MUST-NOT: "Follow" "clever" ((("Pied-Pipers"))) ....... or WE will NEVER be SEEN or HEARD-From ever Again !!! :-(

Albert said...

To further Touch-on HOW: "Ideas" are NOT so IMPORTANT as Our (Blood and Soil) BLOOD ...

WITH Our VARIOUS OWN: Homogenous-NATIONS: Even "Practising" VARIOUS "Belief-Systems"/"ideas" ...

We WOULD indeed Be: VERY VERY HAPPY !!! :-)

The MAIN: "Purpose-BRINGING": TRUE-NEED: To the CORE-of-Our-BEINGS: Is to "Simply" BECOME LOVING: Mothers and FATHERS, Grand-Mothers and Grand-FATHERS !!! :-) :-) :-)

It is NOT Through "Ignorance": That the Majority of Good-WHITE-Folks are STILL Somewhat-HAPPY: IF They Can SEE Their-Beloved-CHILDREN: Grow-Up to BE: Healthy Happy Mothers and Fathers in-Turn: Themselves !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

(There are some "Gnostic" Fan-Takes on "Star-Wars" -- that the "Jedi are the EVIL ones!" ;-)

To use Two "Star Wars" Analogies:

In the Anakin Movie his Uncle is in-a-wheel-chair AFTER TRYING to SAVE Shmi From the "Sand-People", and "Presently"-UNABLE: to Mount Another Rescue-Attempt!
-- It is NOT about "Shaming" Him to Properly-ACT !! ;-)
-- Anakin GOES, and DOES HAVE the Strength to "Dispatch" ALL of the "Not-even-Human"-Animal-Like: "Sand-People"
(The "9/11"-Meme: These Blast-Points: Too Accurate for "Sand-People"! ;-)

In the First-Classic Movie: In the Attack-on-the-Death-Star. It is Down-to LUKE: "Stay on Target, Stay on-Target, STAY on-TARGET!" -- "USE the FORCE Luke!" ...... IF LUKE in "Doing His-Own-Thing..." -- Had MISSED ..... -- Well, it WOULDN'T have BEEN a Very FUN Movie !!! ;-)

--> To BE effective in ANY Important-Pursuit: One NEEDS to BE: "Doggedly" "Stubbornly" FOCUSED and PERSISTENT !!!
-- To an "Alienating" / "Annoying" DEGREE !!!!!!!!!!

(Factory Principle. Guerrilla Principle / Model)

In "Cottage Industry" -- EXTREMELY-Skilled "Rugged-Individuals"/"Owner-Operators" Independently SATISFYINGLY INDIVIDUALLY: "Painstakingly" Made: Unique-Master-Pieces!

--> The Factory Principle: is that, Step-by-Step, Over-Time: A Few Really Really (PAID to BE) ANALYTICAL Engineers would More and More: "Stream-Line"/Perfect: the ALWAYS-Followed-Consistent: Manufacturing STEPS !!!
-- Yes! A HIGHLY-SKILLED: MASTER-Craftsman May Indeed: Have MULTIPLE and Highly-Precise ways to "PAINSTAKINGLY" Create (Expensive!) Unique-"Priceless"-Masterpieces ... BUT: ONLY ONE inviolable-Step-by-Step PROCESS was ALLOWED in FACTORIES (and the Punctual "Time-Clock" was AQLSO Required)! ...
-- Until: The TRULY-Competent Experts, who were PAID to DO-so: Very Very CAREFULLY INSTALLED: a NEW BETTER-Flow-System ... With LEAST-Interruption: To the ONGOING Production Process!

NEW-Factories are OFTEN at an IMMEDIATE-Advantage: As a ENORMOUS-Flat-Concrete Factory-Space Has: BRAND-NEW: "State-of-the-Art": Equipment Installed in the Very MOST OPTIMAL-Sequence! (And in a Country with the VERY-Lowest-Wages, to boot! ;-)

Compartmentalised ISOLATED-Groups: "Do Their Own Thing" ... to Together Accomplish the "Expulsion" of the "Foreign-(to-the-Nation)-Body".

It is NOT that: "There is 'ONLY' ONE Way": to Remedy Our Present-DIRE-Predicaments!

--> Indeed MULTIPLE "concerted" Simultaneous Approaches: are the most: likely (and thus most SAFELY): To Stand / Have: the BEST Chances of Successfully "Ludditely" "Going-Back" (simply Legitimately Restoring our NATIONS to BE Majority-US!): To Our FORMERLY: Happy WHITE Nations / Societies !!! :-)

Albert said...

It MUST be CLEAR though, that: "Rugged-Individuality" IS indeed a DEADLY-(((POISON))) which OUR (((self-Sworn-Enemies))) have so "cleverly" "Implanted"-within-our-Core ...... To MAKE it TOTALLY-IMPOSSIBLE for US to EVER EFFECTIVELY-"Resist": (((their))) oh-so-"clever": "Replacement"-Program For US! :-(

--> The FOLK Principle: Was that the FOLK was PRIMARY and the Individual ONLY Thriving / Useful / Important / Happy / SURVIVING: By Purposely-Working-TOGETHER-With: Their-FOLK !!! :-)

Addendum: Above I mentioned How: Thousands of very very BRAVE and Supremely-LOYAL to OUR-People Whites: had been "Silenced" and "Locked-AWAY" in Order to "Irresistibly"-EXECUTE: The ((("clever"))): "WWI" and "WWII" ((("KILL the BEST of the 'Goyim'!"))) DEADLY-"Depopulation"-((("Heal-the-World"-schemes"))) !!! :-(

From Rudolf-Hess (Hitler's LOYAL and very very Brave and "Sacrificing": Second-in-Command) flying, and Parachuting-From, for his first time: a Specially-Modified Messerschmitt Bf 110D: to DESPERATELY-ATTEMPT: to BY-PASS (((church-ill) to Achieve a RACE-SAVING: Saxon-Brothers-PEACE-AGREEMENT! ... To Moseley, to Lindberg, to Ford, etc ...

PLEASE everyone: DON'T BE so "Proud" as to willfully "IGNORE": our Intellectual-INABILITY to HOLD: ALL of the Very-Pertinent-Details ... and to thus, in "Ignorance": HAVE a "Happy" "Consistent" ("non-Hypocritical") "Unified"-"Neat"-"Tidy"-and-thus-"True": STUPIDLY-SIMPLIFIED: effectively-(((chosen "World-View"))) !!!

-- To AVOID FALLING-for-such-a-(((SEDUCTIVELY)))-"Smart"(ASS)-World-View: We simply MUST REMEMBER the MANY MANY Truly-GREAT: "Sacrificing" LOYAL-WHITES !!!

--> The Foolish and DOOMED "clever"-((("idea"))) that: "Everyone HAS Their "Price"!"... (and, "thus" "Everyone is a 'Agent'!")
... Is a very very WARPED and Truly-jewish idea, indeed! :-(

We ARE indeed: Like CHILDREN, USE Analogies: to Effectively-LEARN-to-Truly-THINK-for-YourSelf FREED from:
((("Accepted-and-Correct")))-(((FED-to-You-since-Birth)))-FAKE-"INDIVIDUAL"-"Thoughts"/"Thinking"! ;-)

-- Like Brizer SAID [ ;-) ] -- DON'T Be: (like) "A jew!" ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

* Mosley