February 27, 2020

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.02.24

Brizer's guest: Timothy Kelly.

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Zeebra said...

Great interview Brizer; I always love to hear Tim on the interviewee side of the mic - his knowledge seems so well rounded, which is evident when he's interviewer.

He does often become "EMJ proxy" on topics which EMJ has written about, which was evident in this show re Ireland's engineered demographic/social/religious changes, & same changes in USA over the decades.

I wonder what Tim would answer if asked if he agrees with EMJ's shtick about "if a black/nigerian moves to Poland, learns the language, becomes Catholic, becomes a citizen, then YES that black/nigerian becomes 'Polish'" ??? EMJ draws a lot of fire for promoting this race-negating view -- I don't know anyone who buys it!

Chains said...

Good show Brizer!

slurp said...

Zeebra, Kelly has come a long way in the three or four years I've heard his broadcasts (primarily with Atwill - and this factor I believe is pivotal). If you listen to his longtime regular intro music, it's all about the evil corporations doing this to us, culminating in the Waspy Ned Beatty speaking the Jew Paddy Chayefsky's lines from NETWORK, "The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime."

Three or four years ago, Kelly would simply have lied about a Jewish element, would never have admitted as he now does regularly that Ned Beatty WASPSs don't run the media, Jews do, and they have an anti-White agenda. He would simply have lied about Whites - "What is White, anyway" and he did infact lie like this regularly. As E Michael Jones still does.

I think the change came because his shows with Atwill became a central part of his work, and Atwill wouldn't have ever gone along with those kinds of lies, however carefully he does speak to those matters. Kelly just had to stop fudging, even tho there was no prior indication he *wanted* to stop fudging. So no great truth teller, rather just an old fashioned conpiracy aficionado who had to get with the race and Jews stuff to survive because better, braver men were exposing them.

slurp said...

I shouldn't say Kelly had to adjust to survive. He adjusted to stay relevant and grow when it was clear race and nation and Jew issues were real and mattered to the truth movement.

The lady who collects the cartoons posted here also did a 180 overnight.

This should give us hope. The truth does will out. And people readily switch to a truthful framework that benefits them and their progeny over lies that would destroy them.

AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

What a disgusting world we live in !!! ...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXC4X_dsmCc

Gwen said...

Oh good to hear about snippits

Zeebra said...

Irish presidential candidate who DENIED the Holocaust insists he has 'nothing to apologise for'


Credit: BBC

BY: Harry Brent
February 24, 2020

A FORMER Irish presidential candidate who denied the Holocaust during a BBC programme last week says he has "nothing to apologise for".

Dermot Mulqueen, from Ennis, Co. Clare caused a stir outrage after an interview with David Baddiel for the BBC documentary Confronting Holocaust Denial.

Mulqueen, who received just 39 votes as an independent when he stood for election in Clare in 2016 accused Jewish people of "hating Europeans", "sacrificing Christian babies" and appeared to defend Adolf Hitler for "putting his citizens first".

He argued that the Jewish people were looking to "profit" from inventing the atrocities of the Holocaust, and has previously stated that there is ample evidence that starvation and carpet bombing from Allied forces were the main cause of the deaths of 6 million Jews - not mass genocide from the Nazis on his Facebook page.

He's even argued that the concentration camps weren't the horrifying murder houses that history seems to reflect.

"Auschwitz had heated dormitories, a swimming pool, bakeries, a theatre and a football pitch ... There were no extermination chambers," he said.

The failed politician was previously arrested after putting an axe through a TV in Ennis' town square in protest of Holocaust Memorial Day, according to the Irish Independent.

"I don’t consider myself an embarrassment to Ireland, I consider myself a promoter of free speech," Mulqueen said in an interview with the Sunday World.

He later added: "I hate the fact that Irish people are being genocidally replaced by Africans and Asians," referencing the fact that Irish classrooms have rising numbers of immigrant students.

He also sang a bizarre song during the interview containing the twisted lyrics: “Outside the synagogue there are 50 Mercs, Auschwitz had its perks."

Mulqueen has been widely lambasted for his extreme views, and in the wake of his interview with Baddiel, he says he's received a number of threats.

"I suppose I was expecting some of it," (the reaction) he said, "but I wasn’t expecting the level of vitriol."

When asked how he had come to his conclusions, Mulqueen said that a YouTube video had prompted him to believe that the Holocaust was fiction.

He was asked if he regretted doing the interview, Mulqueen replied: "I don’t regret it. I gave the interview in good faith...it was two and a half hours long. He (Baddiel) cherry picked from it to make me look bad."

Baddiel, 55, from London, whose mother Sarah escaped to the UK from Nazi Germany as a newborn with her parents in 1939, said he struggled to contain his anger at Mulqueen.

"The whole thing was f***king weird," he said. "That was one of the weirdest moments of my life, especially the song."

To view the episode on BBC iPlayer, click here.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Baddiel has lived his life mounted on a horse that only speaks lies. Of course it was one of his weirdest moments in his life being confronted with the truth. Notice how he had to contain his anger that probably wanted to murder Dermot Mulqueen for exposing him and his mother as total bs artists.

Tim does seem like a student of emj. He needed to use the word zionist instead of the words jewish and jewdaizm. Has he not read the torah? the talmud? He's still lacking in higher study and is not passing the mind of emj.

I've determined a litmus test. If a man or woman does not agree that jews did 911, and completely lied about Hitler and the hollow-hoax, then they are pieces of shi*, and should be ridiculed and ignored, as they are working for satan, or they're total retards.

Instead of this diversion... "Priests have committed horrific crimes against some children", you use this fact.... Every SINGLE Jewish Boy has had his penis hacked and sucked by a rabbi. Truth, or diversion? The time has come to choose the honest path and expose the beast parasites that intend on ending your life, your society, and your culture.

The alarm clock is ringing. It's time to wake up. Time is running out.

Thanks - BB3

KnownUnknown said...

Lol I can't believe a paper printed all that including the allied bombing and European replacement.

larry said...

You have to be joking. Atwill was one of the biggest shills for Jewry and anti Christian slop out there. Have you ever even listened to the old shows he would do with Jan Irvin, probably the most obvious of Jew shills? Or much better go to his YouTube channel and check out the interviews he did about his book with Jews about his book saying Jesus was an creation of Rome to hurt Jews? It's all right here https://youtu.be/bdsVZFa31Wk

larry said...

Atwill is one of the biggest shills for Jewish lies out there. https://youtu.be/bdsVZFa31Wk

slurp said...

larry, I believe Atwill is right about the origins of Christianity - and also about Jews being behind the cultural trends harmful to Whites and that Whites have a legitimate sense of self and self-defense.

You're confusing two or three different matters (Atwill's opinion on 1) Jews and race, 2) his opinions on Christianity, and 3) that his opinions on Christianity are Jew-serving), and assuming your faith in Christianity has some intellectual, factual weight that others should lemming-like follow.

And in any case I was posting about Kelly, who clearly has a pact with Atwill to not discuss those sensitive areas that for you and Kelly are faith-based and for Atwill are evidence based. This is wise on Kelly's part - we would all scoff at the 'coincidences' Atwill demonstrates in the New Testament if applied to the life story of a Jewish celebrity today.